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The Assistant Manager, Facility Services will be responsible for supervising day-to-day facility operations of the Barclays Center during events and non-event times. The Assistant Manager, Facility Services will assist the Manager, Facility Services with planning and implementation of associated work tasks as well as supervise the full and part-time staff to ensure proper completion. This position will have core responsibilities dealing directly with Ice hockey and ice related responsibilities. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

• Operate Zamboni and maintain the ice surface to NHL standards. 
• Clean and prepare the ice following conversions. 
• Perform safety inspections and make necessary adjustments to hockey glass, dasher boards, player gates and other hockey related equipment to ensure NHL standards are met. 
• Document specific hockey related data throughout the day and relay that information to the Manager and/or Director. Examples are ice temperatures and ice depths, humidity, inside and outside air temps. 
• Assist the Manager with the planning, organizing and supervising all activities and personnel engaged in day to day operations. 
• Review event notes, and taking leadership in the setup and breakdown of chairs, tables, pipe and drape, rubber matting and carpets, giveaways, etc. Additionally, working with the Events department in setting up and converting conference rooms, and banquet rooms, as necessary from event to event. 
• Support and assist the Manager with budgeting and staffing plans; recruiting, training, supervising, and evaluating departmental personnel and service providers.
• Preparing projected Event Cost Estimate/Analysis for specific areas of responsibility. 
• Provide assistance with monitoring cost accounting expenses for overall budget including but not limited to house equipment rental, supplies and services purchased, event supervision, and staff. 
• Continuously review the departmental needs and recommend repairs, maintenance or special projects. 


Presumably, a valid driver's license is required.

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