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Kronwall returns from hibernation


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Kronner may have played his best game of the season. Crushing clean hit on Letestu. GW goal in OT. First goal of the season. (About time, too!)

Here's the hit:

What I liked? Look at his face after that GW goal. It's relief. I'm not sure if it was the relief of finally scoring his first goal or the relief that even though they continue to give up third period leads that he was able to get the second point, but it was obvious to me that Kronner was not satisfied, even in victory. This is a good thing, I think. He shouldn't be satisfied.

I haven't checked it in a few games, but as of a couple of games ago, Kronner had the worst +/- on the RWs. At that point he was -8. In contrast, Brendan Smith was tied for second only to Larkin at +3. (Smith was -2 last night, so I'm sure that's no longer the case.)

Now, I'm not saying that Kronner has been no good. He just hasn't been himself until lately. It's good to see him back.

Now if he can just lead the Wings in being able to finish off opponents in regulation...

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I am thrilled to see Kroner finally turn the corner,  our defense has still been outscored by the opponents D by an absolute ridiculous margin, with Green and Dekeyser back to play with Kronwall, maybe that will finally change.

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