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Interesting NHL Draft book (the black book)


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I have heard good things about this publication. The site is hockeyprospects.com, and every year they release a NHL draft preview in June. I just ordered it, worked out to $50.23.....hopefully a good investment. I have a link for the comments on this book, it looks very promising.




 It is mailed out in early June, I will let everyone know how informative it is....seemed like a decent investment.


 This years black book has 472 pages. It contains 395 player profiles for 2015, 175 for 2016....and a nice touch...50 players elegible for the 2017 draft. I'm expected a lot of insider stuff, and a very nice keepsake that you can look back on for years to come. Right now, we only really have the Hockey News Draft Preview, but after the top 10, they have a short comment on the players ranked later....this book should give way more info on the players past the top 10....which is where the Flyers will be drafting, of course.

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