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Another Good Guy: Prospect Brock Boeser


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Brock Boeser who is an 19 year old prospect of the Vancouver Canucks accepted the invitation of an adoring fan to attend her prom with her. Baylee Bjorge, who was born with Down Syndrome will be attending her upcoming prom with future Canucks star Boeser in the near future. I just love hearing these types of stories. These are the type of guys we need in the league.


brockboeserdraft-e1462492497518.jpg. proxy.jpg?t=HBhzaHR0cDovL3d3dy5ncmFuZGZv

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14 minutes ago, flyercanuck said:

I don't know who Brock Boeser is but i just gained a ton of respect for him as a human being. He's going to make that girls life.

He is a very young prospect in the Vancouver Canucks system.

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