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Robby Fabbri, The next Tyler Johnson?


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I think the biggest surprise of these playoffs for me has been the play of Robby Fabbri. The rookie imo, is one of the biggest reasons this season the Blues play like a different team.  To be honest I haven't followed the Blues that much this season, but I did notice that he played a role in some timely key goals for the Blues in games I did watch.  I looked briefly at his stats last spring as I thought about picking him up on one of my fhl teams but his stats weren't that much better than other players on my roster, and I somehow I continued to look past him.   But he keeps having a key role in much of the Blues scoring this post season.  And well, I had take a deeper look at this young talent.  He's a star, and plays very much like Tyler Johnson. 


Fabbri is currently tied for the Blues scoring lead at 13 pts with Vladimir Tarasenko.  Which means he is also tied with 13 points with Tyler Johnson, Joe Pavelski, and Phil Kessel.  Wow.  Fabbri has to be the most unnoticed rookie of this season. 


The talented forward was selected in the first round in 2014 (21st) by the Blues out of the OHL.  Hockey's Future described him as a small forward with intense competitiveness, strong leadership skills, and first-rate offensive abilities.  Fabbri listed as a center however he has been playing right wing  in Hitchcock's system, considering he played center in his junior career he has made the adjustments for a small forward rather well playing with Stastny and Brouwer.  


Fabbri scored the winning goal vs the Sharks back in March.  This kid is the real deal.







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Hmmm.....didn't know much about him till this year, but I DO know his was one of the names that came up when the Bolts were shopping Jonathan Drouin.


Steve Yzerman had preferred a top pair potential young defenseman come back, but allegedly, he would have made a deal with the Blues with Fabbri in the package.

Don't know if the Blues ever really did call TB or not, and if they did, whether they said 'no' to parting with Fabbri, or even if Steve Yzerman would have really taken a Fabbri package over a young D-man package for Drouin, but it tells me that people in the know already knew what a special talent this guy is.


I guess it's about time the rest of league fanbase knew it as well.


If Fabbri turns out anything like Tyler Johnson, then that means people will continue to underestimate him and ALL he will ever do is continue to surprise and prove people wrong.

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I honestly thought that Ty Rattie would be a better player than Robby. Swore he was a bust in the first round, but he isn't too shabby. I think majority of the time he is on a line with Paul Stastny and Brouwer, two skilled vets that mentor very well. Look what Stastny did with Nathan MacKinnon and look at his struggles since his departure.


I can see him putting up a fight as the "Tyler Johnson, mini me" because he is smaller and skilled and gets under the skin of players with his speed and skill sets. He brings that one two punch to St. Louis that they were missing last season, you cannot ride just one player (Tarasenko) and expect to win a cup and Robby gives them that 2nd, 3rd line option of scoring depth.


Would you or could you see them put Fab's with Tarasenko? Do you think they could make magic? I mean personally that is putting all your eggs in one basket to me. St. Louis has guys that can score, but they dont have and entourage of game changers. Tarasenko can hands down - but the rest, aren't game changers like Crysby, Marleau, Johnson, Kuch, Malkin, Thornton and I can go on. 

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