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Senators to Part Ways with Patrick Wiercioch


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Word is that the Senators will be moving forward in 2016-17 without the services of Patrick Wiercioch. Keeping Wiercioch, who played 52 games in 2015-16, only managing five assists, out of unrestricted free agency would require a $2,7 million qualifying offer, a price which the Senators understandably seem unwilling to pay.


Considering his lack of production -- production that has steadily declined over the last couple of seasons -- it does seem hard to justify paying that kind of money. That's even more true when you consider that he's never played more than 56 NHL games in a season. With Boucher coming in saying he wants to bring more "structure" to the defense, this could be a positive move. He has a couple of blueliners in Karlsson and Phaneuf that he can use to bring in his power play system, and maybe freeing up some roster and cap space will allow him to bring in a guy that will better fit his defensive system.


I'm still very much in a wait and see mode with Dorion, but the more I look at the Boucher hire, the more I like it. The fact that he's going to move on from Wiercioch rather than just fester with the same guys like we've done for a while now looks good too. I want to see what he does with the likes of Chiasson also. If we move on there, I think we might be turning a corner in the front office.

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