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Flyers prospects discussion


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I have an inquiry (or perhaps request) regarding the young talent that the Flyers have stockpiled in recent years through the draft.  Can anyone offer insight into some of the flyers top prospects?  I'm specifically interested in realistic timelines to play in NHL, which lines and teammatesthey are expected to play with, and their possible contributions and level of production at the NHL level.  I think this would be interesting to discuss being that the Flyers are building from the back up and drafted heavy on forwards in this year's draft.


I understand there are many threads regarding Flyers prospects on this site and if this has already been discussed, perhaps providing a link to the appropriate page will suffice.


I'd love to hear your opinions and insight!



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I wanted to post these probabilities to frame discussion.  I think this table is on the low side, but here is something to frame the discussion. As I said on the sister thread, Detroit mine gold from low rounds.  That contributes to their success.




As you can see, the probabilities drop precipitously after 60 or 70....food for thought.



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