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Brad Richards retires


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Longtime NHL center Brad Richards has retired after 15 seasons in the league, the NHL Players' Association announced Wednesday.


Richards, 36, helped lead the Lightning to their only Stanley Cup title in 2004, collecting 26 points in 23 playoff games and earning the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the postseason. He also helped the Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup title in 2015.

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"Rad" Brad as many of us girls called him back in the day....


Truthfully, one of my all time favorite Lightning players.

Sure, I have many over the course of my Bolts fandom, but he was special for me.


Not only was he an outstanding player in his prime, but his play with the team came at a time when I was REALLY starting to understand the world of pro hockey (and not just be a TB only fan), and I must admit, at the time when I transitioned over from a Bolts only fan to a more NHL fan, I was wildly attracted to him (as were many of the girls I knew...hence 'Rad' Brad), and I sat on the fence of, dare I say it...Puck Bimbo....lmao...


Fortunately, I didn't go too far down that rabbit hole and became an actual NHL fan who knew what was going on.

At any rate, thank you Brad Richards for your play with Lightning and I even followed your career once you left, all the while, hoping you'd find your way back at some point.


Alas, the cap era and other factors conspired against that and am glad, in a way, that he is retiring now, rather than 'hang around' too much longer when he clearly is no longer the player he used to be.


Enjoy your retirement...... as was said when you won your Cup with your Lightning brothers... "You walk together forever"!

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