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We watch the news and it's almost always sad.  The exception is sports news.  That's where we read of wins.  Even when our team  loses, there's always tomorrow.   There's a lot more joy than sadness in sport.  


Last week, I'm sitting on my porch, and this kid comes up the street, dribbling a soccer ball.  I ask her if she plays for BFA (our local high school) and she tells me that she's a freshman trying out for the team.  The next day, the same kid comes by.  I ask her how tryouts are going.  She runs to the porch and tells me that she's one of ten freshmen who were selected for the JV team.  It was obvious that she was bursting to tell someone about her good fortune.  I don't know this girl, but her news elates me.


Tonight, I go to my great-grandson's Taekwanever, and he gets a white belt and a robe.  It's a reward for a nice little kid.  He's happy, and I'm very glad for him and me.


Then, I come home and my granddaughter left a message on the answering machine,  I call her, and after a little modesty fencing, she tells me that she's the only freshman to make varsity field hockey at her high school.  


The world might be swirling around the bowl, but I'm happy.





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@blocker Treasure that for all it's worth. The kids at the games I cover give me the same sorts of feelings. I did some photography at a high school slow pitch softball game Tuesday night that turned into a 26-6 blowout. Both of the teams are from schools I regularly cover, so I knew the players and coaches from both sides. I was very happy for the girls from the winning team, and seeing several of them with huge smiles on their faces while rounding the bases after hitting home runs was great. On the flip side, I felt bad for the other team. They were dejected since they had just had their heads handed to them. But, as you said, the next time I see each of those teams, there will be smiles everywhere and the girls will be ready to go.


I think we can learn a lot from all of these kids. I think we as adults tend to give too much importance to the bad things at the expense of missing the good. I'm not saying we should live with our heads in a bowl, but we should certainly take better advantage of the joys around us. Thanks for sharing!

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