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Question for Members On Discipline for Officials

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I would bet someone here would know. A friend and I are watching WSH-TB Game 2 together. Let me first state that neither of us are a Caps or Lightning fan (I'm an Oilers fan, he's a Pens fan). As a disinterested fan, meaning I don't have a dog in this fight, that blown high stick call seems like a HUGE deal to me. I could understand if the stick missed the Tampa players face by an inch, but the replay showed that the stick never came within a foot of the TB players face.

I am not alleging any impropriety occurred, I am simply saying that was too big of a blown call for there not to be repercussions. All four officials got together, and so, I believe, all four officials should face repercussions. I say none of these four officials should work another playoff game, but should start next season as if nothing happened. My point is there are an absolute maximum of 18 games remaining in the season. The NHL has to have at least 65 referees and 65 linesmen, probably more. Hence, there are plenty qualified people to officiate all of the remaining games. My buddy who I'm watching the game with says he doesn't think anything will or should happen to the officials.

 MY QUESTION IS THIS: Does the NHL have a review/discipline system for officials, where officials will/can be barred from officiating future playoff games based on a poor performance in a playoff game. I know for a fact that a system like this exists in the NBA and NFL.

 FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If a system exists to punish officials who have a poor performance, do you think anything will happen to the four officials from tonight's game? Going on what I said earlier, I believe these four officials should not work again (this year only), but I am unsure if this is possible within the league's CBA with the officials union(s).

 Opinions or answers????


Bill Granger

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The officials face scrutiny from the league, and can be fined and/or suspended, or not be allowed to officiate playoff games. These situations are pretty much kept in-house though, so we don't generally hear about it.


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