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Two ways this can go


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I would say Montreal has our number, but we seem to just give them our number wrapped in a bow!


Trade deadline passes and I'm not sure what just happened, but some would say that our players just realized that they are a lousy hockey team. So they "played" like that. 8-1 DRUBBING! We mailed this game in. Why even bother playing if you're gonna play like that?


And this is what pisses me off. They are professionals. They make FAR more than I ever will in a year. And THIS is how they choose to "compete." Professionals are supposed to compete even if they don't have what it takes to win on most nights. Fellas, that's how it is. That's how it's gonna be for a while. You are getting paid to deal with that by coming out and at least losing being able to hold your head up high as you lose. That is what pros do.


Last night was not that. It was the opposite of that. It is hard to ignore the fact that this comes the first game after we traded away our second-highest scorer and someone who was arguably one of our better D-men. (I still don't see it, but if our D looks this bad after losing Jensen, maybe I'm just wasn't seeing him right.) Suddenly, defense was an afterthought. Check that. It wasn't a thought at all!


I could accept that if our young players were making all of the mistakes, and the veterans were competing but unable to compensate for the mistakes. That's what should be happening if we have a bad game. But EVERYONE sucked. Our team just had a combined -35 plus/minus rating in ONE HOCKEY GAME! The Habs didn't even have a single power play the entire night! (Imagine that--it could have been worse!)


To me, this is the death knell for the front office/coaching staff at it stands. Blashill has had a daunting task. He was dealt a lousy hand. Let's give him that. But to have your whole team repeatedly mail games in means that you are not preparing them right. You aren't coaching them right. This just stinks of lack of discipline! I'm sorry, but it does. Our young kids aren't gonna learn to play hockey right if you can't get our veterans to teach them to compete (nearly) every day. If this happens once, maybe twice in a season, maybe you can excuse it. This isn't the first or second time. This is the 4th or 5th time dating back to a year ago.


There is an organizational problem. This did not start this season. This started years ago. The power play numbers have shown it. Bringing in Bylsma is not enough.


Stevie Y can't get here fast enough. He will not tolerate this kind of performance. If this is how leadership is going to handle themselves, he will find other leaders who will handle themselves right!


The young talent is there. It's hard for me to see otherwise. But they have to be taught how to be good pros and our current leadership apparently does NOT know how to do it correctly. We are repeating ourselves too many times saying the same things over and over again.


We better do something fast or Jimmy Howard is gonna change his mind and want to go somewhere where his confidence won't be assailed every night by his own team's lack of playing in front of him. And then where will we be?!


Many like to say that this franchise has a venerable history. But let's not forget they also have the Dead Things in their history as well. Are we headed back there? Is history going to repeat itself?


Make no mistake: It CAN repeat itself!


And the only way for it NOT to repeat itself is for us to decide that it won't. That is an every-day decision, and we seem to not want to make it every day. You can't just talk about making that decision. It must be acted out to be justified.


I'd love to think that this won't happen again, but it is hard to try to defend that with the current leadership. Change is coming.


Either that, or the Dead Things II are coming soon to a Pizzarena near you.

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IMHO the team mailed it in a ways back, it has been a rough season. What is it, six losses in a row? Just glad that Lark and Kronner called out the players for lack of effort. 


 Truthfully I dont see much change this year, I would rather lose the rest of the season and secure a sweet draft pick and make the much needed coaching change. I still think it will be Byslsma and while I would not be disappointed I think I would prefer Quenneville as a Windsor man who lives across the tunnel from Detroit he would be a perfect fit. I still dont know how Blash has a job, he has to have compromising pics of Holland in bed with either a dead woman or a live man, that is all that I can come up with.


 So my perfect offseason:

Yzerman replaces Holland

Q replaces Blash. If he wants to stay retired Bylsma would do nicely.

Win the lottery and draft Hguhes!!

Resign Howie on a two or no longer than a three year deal.

Sign a puck moving defenseman or trade for one.



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Chin up big guy, as bad as it is I think the turnaround is close. Unlike the last two years when the Wings have been unwatchable, there has been quite a few positives this year compared to the last two, Next year a forward group led by Larkin, Zadina, (Hughes), Rasmussen, Bertuzzi and Athanasiou with a year under the belts of blueliners Hronek and Cholo we will be well on our way towards respectability.

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