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Does anyone else listen to podcasts?

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I practically live on the local bike trail or my treadmill, an hour a day seven days a week is about the least I do and during that time I listen to Hockey podcasts more or less every single day. Like anything else some of the podcasts are pretty god awful, some are good some are excellent. Here are some that I listen to and some I have chosen not to.


HOCKEY CENTRAL AT NOON   This is a big fat no, I simply cannot listen to the Maple Leaf talking heads anymore, they seem to not be aware that there are 30 teams that are in the league that are not from Toronto. I have no problem with listening to Leaf commentary, I just get sick of listening to these guys drone on and on about the worries of if Sparks can handle the starts in net 20 times a year and interviewing Ennis while ignoring the bigger picture of the league. I know they are out of Toronto but it is called HOCKEY central at Noon not TORONTO HOMERISM AT NOON. pass.


SPITTIN CHICKLETS A downright secret guilty pleasure of mine, talking heads former NHL mediocre talents Paul Bissonette and Ryan Whitney talk hockey and women and weed and drinking and every vulgar subject you can think of in irreverent ways. The weekly podcast always has an interview with either a current or recently retired player who along with Biz nasty and Whit dog drop F bombs and talk the way that guys talk, very loose and funny as hell.


31 THOUGHTS THE PODCAST Not to be confused with the article, Friedman and Marek rock, this is among the best and most insightful of any podcasts out there. A slight Canadian bias but only slight, these two seem to push each other to greater things. Never miss it.


TSN HOCKEY BOBCAST Bob McKenzie looks like someone's grandfather (because he is) but dont get confused, he knows the sport and has a bit of a potty mouth and loved that Canada legalized marijuana which kind of surprised me. Fun, iconic, great interviews and he tends to break a lot in a sneaky way. Like Stone to Vegas, he predicted it almost as a certainty a few days before it happened even mentioning Brannstrom as the big piece in the return when nobody else was talking about that as the location. A must listen.


PUCK PODCAST A generic bubble gum type of podcast, not a lot of substance but still fun. I listen when nothing new is available.


THE HOCKEY PDOCAST Hosted by Dmitri Filipovic which is a downright ridiculous name but it is a good solid show, more women sports reporters are on his show than all others combined, he seems to try to have one on as a guest at least every other week I believe this has to be on purpose and a lot of women puck reporters get a chance at a larger audience because of him and they are usually insightful and intelligent. Love this, every week without fail I tune in.


PUCK SOUP Weekly podcast from ESPN short on substance, get a lot of very basic facts wrong, the hosts seem confused a lot of times about what is going on within the game, they get names wrong get teams wrong, in other words, they treat the NHL more or less exactly as ESPN does on television. I listen if there is no better option, usually with hands clenched in fists of rage thinking I know I could do a better job.


ESPN ON ICE WITH GREG WYSHINSKI so if you listen to Wyshinski on puck soup and wonder how he has a job covering hockey you can turn this podcast on and it is even worse as he teams with Emily Kaplan to talk about pretty much everything excepting hockey.


TSN HOCKEY ANALYTICS This is for people who like smug reporting. I dont.


THE INSIDE EDGE WITH JODY SHELLEY He is a Jackets Homer but he does it with feeling and heart and humor. I listen whenever it is on.


RED AND WHITE AUTHORITY RED WINGS PODCAST Warm and fuzzy for those who like that kind of stuff, short of facts and figures, long on longing for yesteryear kind of crap. They had a cool one on the other day interviewing a couple of the Wings rookies fathers which was cool but not exactly hockey.


 So there is my list, some must listens to, some never in a million years and some only if there is nothing better ons. Anyone have anything else they would recommend? 

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