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Giroux reset


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CG has 3 goals and 8 assists in the last six. Six, very impacting games. I've been on his **** all season about not performing at a captain worthy level. Is it possible that he is finally responding the way we need? He is quoted saying this, “We come to the rink, and I don’t know one person who doesn’t have a good time, We know we have to play a team game to win. Everybody has a role. Everybody knows their role. And everybody has fun doing it.”


He also said this, “It’s great to [set a record]. It really is, But we’re focused on the team that we’re playing [right now]. I think that’s why we’re successful right now. We’re looking at the next shift. We’re not looking at who we’re going to play next week.”


I think he is member on this forum, and has been listening


I hope we see some more of this from him:hockey-goal-scoring-smiley-emoticon:



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