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AHL pushes start of season until Feb. 2021

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On 10/31/2020 at 4:38 PM, pilldoc said:

I dont see it happening. Simply dont.


  If you look at the UFA list you see a bunch of 28-30 year old AHL stars and near stars who were missing an ingredient when it came to an NHL are all unemployed. these guys usually get gobbled up by AHL clubs or at the least KHL and Euro teams when they go overseas for one final decent payday.

  Instead the NHL has sold these guys down teh river by sending top prospects to play in Europe eating the roster spots usually reserved for fading vets, (hell if i were a team in Sweden i would rather have a top prospect over a TJ Brennan too so i cant blame them). There are literally HUNDREDS of players who were regular AHL players last year who are unemployed. They have been hung out to dry by the system. 


  What I think will happen is this, the NHL will follow the MLB model of carrying a roster and a taxi squad of players who can step up and step in as injury replacements or to give an aging vet a day off as the NHL schedule will be skewed towards a lot of three games in four nights. I wouldnt bet the ranch on there being no AHL season but i would bet more than a few bucks. The guys who will be left out in the cold are guys such as TJ Brennan, Dustin tokarski, Beau Bennett and Keegan Lowe as well as scores more who arent young enough for a team to invest in, not quite good enough to earn a Euro payday over a top flight prospect. 


  That is how i see it.

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