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SABRES fall on their swords


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Not trying to pile on. Okay, maybe just a bit.


  Wow what a dysfunctional organization from top to bottom with zero end in sight. Case in point in the last few days:


The Sabres spent years grooming Jonas Johansson in net,  a third rounder several years ago, he developed slowly but has been a damn solid AHL goalie (18-5 with a 2.27 goals against and a save pct. of .923 in Rochester in his last two partial seasons) he has struggled behind the NHL roster in front of him in Buffalo so they donated him to Colorado.

 He was dealt for a 6th rounder for no reason that I can figure, it isnt like they needed the 200th pick in the draft more than a solid C level goalie prospect, but they gave him to Colorado for a pick that maybe if everythingbreaks right has on average in that range of 5 percent chance of reaching the NHL. Now he is starting tonight for an elite team, he wasnt good enough to play for Buffalo but is considered quite fine by one of the best teams in Hockey.


  So last night, Carter Hutton went down and the Sabres had to turn to the backup, what star in the making waiting to get his chance was sitting there all aflutter just wanting to prove that he is the next Miller or Hasek?


Dustin Tokarski. THE Dustin Tokarski.


 For those of you unfamiliar with Tokarski, and that probably includes everyone save his mother, he was a prospect over a decade ago with the Lightning who never panned out, he played a few games with the Bolts a decade ago, got into a few games backing up Price in Montreal but mostly has been in the AHL for literally twelve years. He last appeared in the NHL in one game in 2016 for the Ducks with ten minutes of mopup duty. The last decade he has played for Rochester, Scranton Wilkes Barre, Charlotte, Hartford, Lehigh Valley, San Diego, Saint Johns, Hamilton, Syracuse and Norfolk. 


  so to sum up the Sabres, they were in possession of a c level NHL capable and ready goalie who they gave away for likely less than nothing and because of that they had to give Dustin Tokarski another day of NHL service. Really.


  This is one of the thousands of little paper slices that you must endure to be a Sabre fan. I feel for them all.

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