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This and that. Zibby's Hatty, Grimaldi says hold my beer


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It woulda been easy to lead with Mikka Zibenajad and his hat trick and six point night but then....


Rocco freaking Grimaldi had FOUR GOALS AGAINST MY WINGS!!! Freaking freak freak. Grimaldi goes around two foot four if I am not mistaken had THREE GOALS ALL YEAR AND MATCHED THAT IN THE FIRST SIX MINUTES AGAINST MY WINGS!!!! Then he added one late just to rub it in. He had 4 points in 25 games until he had 4 points last night

 Seriously congrats. Nice to see the little guys (pun intended) have an outstanding night some times.


BAD news for Boston, Rask returned last night in the loss to the Isles and was reinjured and didnt return for the second period. They are currently in a fight with the slumping Flyers and the surging Rangers for the last playoff spot in the division.


 Nothing new on the trade front, Dreger and Friedman have Hall, Granlund, Glendening all going to the Leafs for minimal return disregard the cap. Not sure why I read their crap.


 OH Actually big news, Canada has now dropped the mandatory quarantine for incoming US players to seven days down from fourteen. That could be HUGE as the playoffs team look set up North but the arms race will heat up as Toronto, Montreal, the Peg and the Earlers all look to add.


 Oh what the Hell. I wasnt gonna post this but if their are any Flyer fans who were drunk last night and missed the game, Zibenajad had another six point game against the Flyers.

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