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3rd Period Problems in Goals Against


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Is it time to start worrying that the division leading Caps are just possibly pretenders?


The Capitals goals-against numbers in the 3rd period are troubling...and not just these past two games against NYR where they gave up four third-period goals both times.  I recall several 3-0 final period leads in recent weeks being just enough to hold on in regulation or OT.


So I spent a few minutes tabulating their by-period goals-against for the past two months.  I didn’t distinguish between home and away, and I didn’t count OT and shootout goals.


x-y-z, where x is 1st period, y is 2nd period, z is 3rd period.


February games:  9-13-17

March games:      7-7-21

TOTAL:                  16-20-38


So for the last two months, opponents have scored a bit over HALF their goals against Washington in period three.


I know the regular season can be a drag...little real reward for finishing first so why give anything close to a sustained supreme effort until playoffs.  But if anything resembles the playoffs during the regular season, surely it is the 3rd period?


This is not good, right?


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