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Thatcher Demko Agrees With Canucks on 5 yrs, $5M AAV Contract Extension

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From CBC Canada:

Canucks sign standout goalie Thatcher Demko to 5-year contract extension | CBC Sports


It looks like it really IS "Demko Time" now.


He has outplayed veteran goalie Braden Holtby this season and now, starting next season, he will be making more money than Holtby, along with the title he already grabbed as Number One goalie in Vancouver.

Watching Thatcher Demko play, he can run the gamut from outstanding start to finish, to looking a bit shaky some nights and every bit the part of a guy who still has a bit more to learn.
But that is ok...he is better more often than not.

Potential problem I can see for him though is his defensemen.
Vancouver's defense corp has been pretty brutal this season to the point where it wouldn't even matter if Andrei Vasilevskiy were manning the net....just way too many Grade A chances against!

No doubt Demko will continue to play as well as he can, can get even better, but the Canucks really need to do something to help support him more not only on defense, but up front where some of the skaters there aren't as consistent as they could be.


If Vancouver can further help set up Thatcher for success, they could have a very cost effect solution in goal for the next 5 seasons for a mere 5 mil per.
Considering most number ones seem to be getting 6M+, that could be a sweetheart deal for the Canucks.

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