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Redwings deadline preview


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Detroit is at a crossroad as a team, we are looking at Mason raymond and Moritz Seider wil certainly be with the big club next year, Jonatan Berggren will be fighting to make the big boys, and a lot of long time deadwood will be off the books in a particularly big free agency class, the Wings in a flat cap era are actually looking god going into next year.

 But this one isnt done, here is a breakdown of moves already made and potential moves this offseason


PATRICK NEMETH: Dealt last night to the Avalanche, his former club in exchange for a 4th rounder. Solid non sexy player, Colorado was familiar with him and wanted him back for their bottom pairing. Detroit did well to get a 4th rounder.


JONATHAN BERNIER Thought there was a chance he was going to Colorado instead they went with Dubnyk, an UFA there are a few clubs such as the Blues, Tampa, Boston and possibly the Jets could be looking for a veteran backup. Return wont be super high, a 3rd or 4th is probably the best to hope for in spite of having a pretty good year.


DARREN HELM An UFA he could help someone out  on the checking line and as a penalty killer, a 5th/6th round pick is about it.


LUKE GLENDENING Having a pretty good year as a solid pivot and his scoring is up a bit. He is rumored to be fairly well coveted, a second is best case scenario but a third is more likely.


VAL FILPULLA AND SAM GAGNER Who?? If we can find a taker for either it will be a flat out miracle. Any return over a box of practice pucks is a win.


BOBBY RYAN out for the year. zero value.


MARC STAAL Having a decent year defenseman are a premium miiight draw a second, a third is more realistic


JON MERRILL having a decent year Wings asking more of him than he is capable of but has been good. A 4th? doubt it. A 5th seems more likely.


  So the Wings arent likely to break the bank with a bunch of high picks but they should be able to deal a lot of potential UFA's who wont be invited back anyway for extra kicks at the can. Zetterberg and Weiss finally fall off the books this year. We should be positioned to completely remake the roster next season.

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All of these sound about right. Some of them might hit the optimistic side if the Wings retain some salary like they did with Nemeth.


I had actually forgotten about Weiss still being on the books. Gooooooood riddance!


Glendening is the best we have to offer. His faceoff abilities make him a valuable add for a team in serious contention. Since the teams bidding for him will more likely be drafting toward the end of the rounds, a second may be possible. I think he's worth more than a late-third. And I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his way back to Detroit after this season. I also wouldn't be shocked if he didn't, but still maybe more chance than others. This is certainly the most valuable he has been at the deadline of any season. We are selling at a good time. I hope he gets himself a chance at the Cup--for his sake, and for the team's future's sake too.


It was interesting reading Bobby Ryan's take on his chances of coming back to the Wings even if he was traded. He is very aware of how well this organization takes care of its players as compared with most others he has experienced. I wouldn't mind seeing Glendening return, and if he's heard Ryan at all, he might be more inclined to return. That wouldn't be bad for us so long as he wants to come back.


Truthfully though, if he's not coming back because this is his home, and if he is expecting to get full market value in his contract, I'm OK with him staying gone and giving his spot to one of the youngsters. Same is true with Helm. I'd only bring them back if they want to be back and don't demand contracts of unreasonably long length. The time is near for significant personnel change.


Speaking of that, is Gallant house hunting yet? Hope so. We need a new voice, methinks. Fresh eyes and a new perspective would be quite timely.

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