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Prepared for the Big Boys?



Thats a question to be answered by the Hawks on Saturday and Sunday. Coming off two 5-2 victories over Columbus and Minnesota, the Hawks now get a chance to test out their new lineup and (possibly) improved defense against two of the NHL's elite teams: at Detroit against the Deadwings on Saturday and Sunday at the Madhouse on Madison versus San Jose Sharks.

Just a few comments on last night's game:

Blackhawk Rookies, Andrew Shaw and Jimmy Hayes again had very good games each scoring a goal. As I stated yesterday, both might be able to stick and help this club. Time will tell.

I have to sing this again, but "Oh where, Oh where has Kaner been, oh where, oh where can he be?" With four goals in his last 26 games, Kane is on pace for a career-low 18. Kane is feeling the pressure and the lack of scoring and admitted so during the in-between period interview with SaraH Kustok of CSN. Hey Kaner, this is your weekend to shine! Kane this weekend's games are the real deal and it would be nice to see you go ape sh!t and score a few goals.

How about some praise for the power play! As you know, the Hawks have been terrible on the power play as of late. Last night, the Hawks scored twice with the extra man. They will definitely need to keep this momentum going as this type of production is a must in the second half of the season.

Odds and Ends:

- Marcus Kruger is cleared to play against the Deadwings and the Hawks have sent Ben Smith back down.

- I expect on Monday, that the Hawks will officially place Car Bomb on IR as his season is over and his seven game suspension will have concluded on Sunday evening.

- Early word is that Emery will start in goal against Detroit

Thanks for Reading!

GO Hawks!



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The waning minutes of that game looked like playoff hockey. Detroit was on a mission in the overtime. It looked as if the Hawks were just trying to hang on for the shootout.

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Detroit did what I feared they would do. Got a comfortable lead at the end of the first, then sat back and passively tried to sail it home. It happens all the time, and they never learn. The Hawks almost burned 'em for it, too, and got a point for ther perseverence

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