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10 Questions




Welcome back for another installment of 10 questions! I'm your host, habsguy26. So without further ado, here we go!

1) Who'd get canned first? Brian Burke, Paul Holmgren or Stan Bowman?

2) Pavel Kubina?

3) Which Canadian 'bubble' team is most likely to make the playoffs? Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal?

4) Who will have the highest +/- this season?

5) If you were Holmgren, do you shop Bryzgalov?

6) Sean Couturier, would you give him up for Nash?

7) If you were the GM of any team in the NHL (you decide) who would you offer for Rick Nash?

8) Can you believe its not butter?

9) Who will finish with the highest amount of assists?

10) Does Sidney Crosby play before the playoffs?

Okay guys, just a fun little blog before tonight's hockey. Leave your responses in the comments! Also, just a reminder that HF101 is going to be posting his Trade Wars today so don't forget to check it out!

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1) Holmgren

2) Not a very good pick up, not for what they gave up anyways

3) Calgary!

4) Hm.... Lidstrom

5) No, he paid too much to get him there, he has to stick with him

6) Nope

7) If I were Calgary's GM I'd offer Irving, Backlund, Glencross, Bouwmeester and a 1st rounder for Nash

8) No!

9) Giroux or one of the Sedins

10) Yes, I think so

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