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Classic Sabres Home Game



blog-0264226001323318274.jpgWell well well....where to begin here? Another home game another blown lead and another home loss. This kind of felt like groundhog dog of the 2010 playoffs, just missing the goalie change. The Sabres got a quick start pushing the play and got a 3-0 lead, then the turnovers begin and Philly makes it 3-1 with 1 second left in the first. Tropp did he best to get the momentum back as time expired in the first with a good scrap with Rinaldo. The late goal probably saved Bryzgalov from a hook after the first he was off all night continously looking behind himself for the puck. Then the 2nd period started and Philly added 3 more to take a 4-3 lead at the end of 2 and then the third started and the Sabres thought they were up 3-0 still and generated nothing. Thankfully they managed to get a tying goal with 1:30 left in regulation. But the capper of the night Marc Gragnani sums up his poor play by making a blind pass across the blue line and Giroux easily picked it off and walked in to beat Miller in OT. Sabres are lucky to get a point in the one.

Lets start with the good Kassian and McNabb continue to impress, and Leino is playing better with Adam and Kassian. Miller played well this game isn't his fault. That's all the good.

Finley? Glad he stuck up for Ennis but can't skate.

Gerbe out with a head injury due to a hit from behind from Bourdon how that was only a 2 min minor is beyond me and of course Sabres don't get a PP because a player stood up for their teammate. MA Bourdon should hear from Shanny but not holding my breathe.

I'm done with the excuses! Done! I don't want to hear injuries, or young players, or this, or that. Roy was to busy flopping the entire game instead of playing hockey and Stafford is I don't know I have no word for him, I don't care that he scored. Gragnani doesn't deserve to be on this club his soft play and turnovers continue to kill this team. Only problem no bodies to replace him.

Giroux and Jagr showed up for Philly superstars being superstars take note Sabres.

Lindy Ruff, it's time. 15 years is long enough he has lost this team. He needs to be accountable for blown lead after blown lead after blown lead after blown lead after blow lead and oh yeah after blown lead! Your team dominates the 1st period and you order them to into a shell in the 2nd period?! Remembers the playoffs? Remember Nashville when your team almost blew it on Saturday? Remember Florida earlier in the season? Remember Boston a few weeks ago? Why does he continously order this team into a shell to protect leads?! It doesn't work!! Bryzgalov was leaky and bad in the 1st and I was surprised to see him come out for the 2nd. The Sabres respond by throwing 5 shots at him in the 2nd and 5 in the 3rd. Why pull your foot off the pedal? You are allowed to blow teams out of your home arena.

Lindy Ruff blog to come tomorrow and some surprising stats on his coaching career.


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BUFFALO – Flyers rookie defenseman Marc-Andre Bourdon could be getting a call from NHL Czar of Discipline, Brendan Shanahan on Thursday.

it Bourdon not marshall just saying; don't worry shanny will give him 2 games it was a dumb hit

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Adam and Kassian are good fits for Leino, if you look at his time in Philly

Kassian = Hartnell (with better hands and skating)

Adam = Briere (with a little more size and a lot less experience)

I was very impressed with Kassian.

And, like you, I am getting less and less so with Ruff.

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