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HF Games,Tokens, Pickem, and more.......



blog-0137661001345090111.jpgToday we have parity on this forum as every member's Tokens were set to 100.

So what does this mean moving forward for all of our members? It means that we crowned our 2012-2013 Token CHAMP and we are starting all over again. Each and every summer we plan to reset the Tokens in order to give every member, old and new, a chance to earn the most Tokens in a given year.

So let me first Congratulate our Champs!

Our 2011-2012 Winners are:

1. Idahophilly with 9501 tokens

2. Irishjim with 9395 tokens

3. OzFlyer with 7500 tokens

4. VanFlyer with 6827 tokens

5. Flyerrod with 6743 tokens

Maybe some of you are thinking how did they earn these tokens? And others maybe are thinking why do we bother? Let me start with the second question first. Digityman and I decided to use Tokens as another means of Building a Community within this Forum that began Nov 1st 2011. All members from every team's fan base can post and play equally and as often as they like. The Tokens really have no value other than bragging rights for currently there are no real prizes......but maybe in time that could change.

We plan to build a permanent "HF Hall of Fame" page viewable in the "HF Games" drop down window to showcase our winners. Not only will the Forum Token winners be published but also the Pickem, Playoff Fantasy, and MVP Challenge winners and any other games we play for Tokens will also see their names in the "HF Hall of Fame".

So if anyone is asking...........How do I earn Tokens? There are a number of different ways. Participating in everything will likely give you the greatest chance of becoming the next HF Token Champ.

1. We earn Tokens.......Posting in the Forums

Currently the members with the Most Posts throughout the Forums are: flyercanuck, doom88, Podein25, Jackstraw, and radoran. The number of posts a member has will not be reset every year as a means of recognizing the continued dedication and posting seniority. With effort others next year can make the top 5. But in essence we thank everyone for their contributions of their knowledge and hockey wit.


Members earn:

2 Tokens - to Start a topic

1 Token - for Each Reply you receive

1 Token - for Every Reply to another topic

Becoming a Supporting Member will DOUBLE your Token earnings on all posting throughout the Forums. A Supporting Member means you wish to donate $10.00 per year which helps keep this site free from all advertisements and supports software upgrades. See the information here if you are interested.

2. We earn Tokens.........Playing Pickem

Pickem is a free betting opportunity to test your skill at choosing the winning team for each and every NHL regular season and playoff game throughout the year. Members bet their hard earned tokens to win more tokens. The tokens here can add up quickly. For example,

Last season OzFlyer was the biggest winner with 6,299 Tokens won from 677bets.

3. We earn Tokens........Playing Playoff Fantasy

Playoff Fantasy is a chance to draft a playoff fantasy team onsite. It is a game of survival in which your 6 member teams players are eliminated as their respective teams are eliminated during the playoffs. The NHL players earn points for assists, goals and goalie wins. The winner of each playoff league received 500 tokens. Last years winners were Navyhockey and Irishjim.

4. We earn Tokens........Playing the MVP Challenge (now playing)

The MVP Challenge token earnings will apply to the 2012-13 Token totals. The first round upon which we are choosing the MVP from every NHL team earns 5 Tokens per Vote and Post up to a max of 50 per challenge. We are increasing the amount of Tokens to 10 per Vote and Post up to a max of 100 for the Bracket Rounds which will be starting soon. The MVP Challenge is the best way to earn tokens during the summer.

5. We earn Tokens.........Guessing the destination of the top 12-15 most likely players to be traded before the trade deadline and 2012 draft.

This is something new for next season and I do not even have a name for this activity yet. Members will earn tokens for guessing the correct destination of a list of selected players most likely to be traded.

I think I've covered everything if anyone has any questions please comment below.

We encourage all members to participate in the challenge to earn next years title as "HF Token CHAMP"

Post, Post, Post.....Play Games..... and Earn Tokens!


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Looks like fun coming up for all HF members! Thanks HF for putting all of this stuff together. Speaking for everyone signed up, you are truly a valued member of this community.

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You and Digity are doing great things. This site is a success and will grow. Eventually all the people at hfBoards need to migrate here. That might be hard, but with new innovations, it could happen.

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