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Duncan Keith Slash - 10 Questions



1-    Did he purposely do it?  I guess we will never know, but popular opinion, including mine says he did it on purpose.  Now I don’t think that he thought I am going to hurt this guy, but I do think he was seeking revenge.

2-    How will this affect the Blackhawks in the final weeks leading up to the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  This may just help the Blackhawks.  Keith logs a ton of minutes and this will give him some much-needed rest.  Missing the first playoff game will hurt, but the Blackhawks are way to strong of a team to have this one game put them behind the eight-ball.

3-    Was the decision for six games the same penalty he would have received if this had happened in December?  NO!  This would have been a minimum of 10 games if it was any other time of the year.  The NHL does not want this type of play to tarnish their reputation, nor do they want players getting hurt this way.  The Playoffs played a huge role in this punishment.

4-    What if the roles were reversed and Coyle would have hit Keith like that?  Would the suspension be the same?  Keith is a superstar in the NHL.  The NHL wants and needs their stars playing.  I think it would have probably been 10 games at least. 

5-    How much was his repeat offender status taken into account?  I have to say I don’t think it played much of a role.  The time of year overrides this factor.

6-    Why does Keith continue to fly off the handle like this?  He is a competitor that has a short fuse.  It will be interest to see if this changes his game.  My guess is it will not. 

7-    Will this punishment change Keith?  Hard to tell he has been punished before so it obviously has not sunk in.  Keith did explain “It was obviously a reaction and one that I need to be disciplined for.”  He went on to say “Obviously there’s a limit and I have to know that. I will.”

8-    How do you think his teammates felt about this play? It is instant reaction to defend your teammate, but the Blackhawks players and management were quiet on this matter.

9-    Did the Dennis Wideman situation influence Keith’s decision to not appeal this suspension?  Possibly,  I don’t think the Blackhawks or Keith were willing to take any chances with the appeal process, and the length of time it can take.

10-Did Charlie Coyle actions provoke Duncan Keith’s reaction/retaliation?  It looks as though Coyle did high stick Keith earlier in the play. Hard to say, but I believe it was just a reaction to getting dumped.


* Photo Credit - USAToday Sports Images


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To me,(not a hawks fan or hater) he appeared to turn over, take aim, and then swung for the fence. If he were to take the same swing at his legs and not his face, it is a 2 minute penalty and he gets his point across about being angry for being dumped. It was one of the more cowardly plays I have seen from a real hockey player. If I was DOPS, he would have been done until next season. The suspension he got is a joke. The DOPS had a chance to send a message with this by punishing someone of merit, great and high profile player, but they did not. Until the DOPS starts hitting these offenders in the wallet, with real suspensions and fines. the concussion train is going to keep on rolling, all night long.

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My p[inion is the potential loss of Crawford is much worse than the loss of Keith for one game, although I do believe that Keith is the best defenseman in Hockey today. Kane has elevated his game and matured into the heart of this team and can help overcome one game without Keith.

  But Crawford is another matter. While I feel he is overrated, an average or slightly better than that goalie, Darling is an ECHL tender who does not belong. If he plays the Hawks are done in round one.

  As for the slash, simply brutal. The punishment fit the crime based off past offenses. I still see Keith as an elite level talent but he has tarnished his rep a tad lately.

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Your right the punishment does fit the crime based on past offenses.  But that is the problem.  The NHL needs to make these decisions without taking the players name into account.  If they are serious about eliminating these plays the penalties would be stiffer!


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Not only should suspensions remove the player but it should also not allow the team to replace him in the games he is suspended from. The organization is just as responsible for his non-hockey action on ice as the player himself and everyone should be forced to deal with the penalty until it's served.

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I like your idea...  Makes total sense.  One thing that I do not get is how the NHLPA protects players who commit offenses.  They appeal suspensions all the time.  Do they not realize that they are committing these offenses to another player in the same NHLPA.  Don't get it!


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