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Eastern Conference next year




In this post, I would like to talk about how I see the eastern conference which Toronto is part of it.


As I was reading the writers and saw the trades that the teams did and also the players that they lost to Vegas team. I think that the conference is more open than it was last year. Don't get me wrong; I still believe that Pittsburgh, Washington, Rangers, and Columbus have amazing teams and I predict that they will be at the top of the conference and I won't be surprised if they will be in a separate group far from the rest of the conference. These teams have a caliber roster that is better than the other teams. I think that these teams are the best of the conference and will take the top spots in the conference and the standing.


In my opinion, the rest of the conference is open. Montreal, Boston, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia has become weaker, but Ottawa stated the same and didn't lose key players. Toronto has a fantastic core of young talented players which it's their second year together, and the chemistry is outstanding, and they know learning each other style of game.

I believe that the experience that these young core of talented players gained last season and the signing of the veteran players this summer will make Toronto a dangerous team and a force in the conference.

I think that in the situation of the teams in the Conference will help Toronto get into higher position in the standings this year which will assist them in the playoffs to get further in the playoffs than last year.


I believe that Babcock and the management of Toronto are obligated to the rebuild and as I see it, they are doing it. I think that the young talented players are ready to make the next stage and with the signing of Marleau and the other veteran will only help them. I believe that they can gain a lot from the experience that the veteran players bring. I liked all the signing that Toronto did, and they did it without trading our young and talented assets. I think that there is a lot of potential for this young team and we had only a glitch of what they can do last season. I believe that with the mentoring of Babcock and all the veteran players that Toronto signed during the off-season this could be another incredible season and hopefully, a better one. I think that we can expect great things from Toronto next season and the future is bright.


In my opinion, Toronto this year is a more dangerous team from last season as a result of the experience that they got last year and the signings of Marleau and the other veteran players. I believe this year we will see more from the talent that this incredible core of young talent has, and hopefully the can grasp a higher position in the standings in the eastern conference and get further in the playoffs.


For a conclusion, I believe that it will be a long and exciting season and hopefully, Toronto will get into the playoff at a higher spot than last season. I recognize that now the teams in the league know us and it will be harder and more challenging because they know how to prepare and to play against us. But I have faith in Babcock and the veteran players that Toronto signed to help these talented young players to take the next step and to help Toronto have another successful season and hopefully reach the playoff in a better position from last year and go further. I can't wait for the start of the season, and I am proud to be a Maple Leaf fan.



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