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The Western Conference



In this post, I want to talk about the Western Conference which is the Conference of Edmonton and Calgary.


The Western Conference is a powerful conference that has a lot of great and powerful teams which are contenders for winning the Stanley Cup. I believe that the entertaining matches will be from this conference again next season. In my opinion, this Conference is stronger than the eastern Conference, and you could see it with the playoffs series last season which was, in my opinion, more entertaining. Even though that in the end Pittsburgh from the Eastern Conference won the Stanley Cup, it was after Nashville gave them an excellent fight.

I think that some of the teams in that conference got weaken with the players that they lost to vegas and FA. In my opinion, despite this fact, there are still some elite teams in this conference that can win the Stanley Cup after Pittsburgh won it two consecutive times. I think that when we are looking at the potential of the teams, so Edmonton is at the top of the conference and in my opinion, Calgary is also one of the top teams in the conference.

I think that Edmonton has a great and balanced roster, they had depth in the offense and defense and also great goaltending. I believe that they will learn from last season playoffs and they will come from the gate stronger and more determined to get back to the post season and to reach higher than last season. I believe that we will see great things from Edmonton this season and the experience that they got last season will only help them. In my opinion, they will have a great season and will be at the top of the conference and Hopefully will get to the western finals or the Stanley cup finals.

Calgary also has a solid team but it"s not as good as Edmonton.  They had a problem in the goaltending last season which caused them to lose the series against Anaheim last season. I think that the addition of Mike Smith will solve this issue and will make them a better team. In my opinion, Calgary become a mighty team, and they have the potential to get into the playoff and reach further them last year and Hopefully, we will see them getting further in the playoffs than last year.

In Conclusion, I think that the Western Conference is a powerful conference and a better than the Eastern Conference. I believe that Edmonton and Calgary has an excellent team that has the potential to go far in the regular season and the playoffs. I think that Edmonton is better than Calgary, but both of them should reach the playoffs and hopefully we will see them in higher stages in the playoffs. In my opinion, they can infiltrate into the top of the Conference, and we can expect great season especially from Edmonton.


Recommended Comments

You are right that Calgary is more balanced than Edmonton. I think that Edmonton has better weapons on offense and one of the best duos in the league. I believe that also in the goaltender the have the edge over Calgary. In my opinion, Mcdavid and Draisaitil can carry the team, and they have a great supporting crew.


I don't disparage Calgary, and it's abilities, but if I consider all the roster and the talent so, in my opinion, Edmonton is better. Mainly because Mcdavid, Draisaitil, Lucic and the rest of the supporting crew but it will be a close race, and hopefully both of them will be at the top of the league.  If both of them will reach the higher stages of the playoffs, so I will be thrilled. Hopefully, they will meet in the second round or maybe in the conference finals.

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