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  1. I think Barrie will be gone, not because he needs to go, TO simply can't afford him. Since Babs was dismissed he's been scoring at nearly a point per game. Ceci might be gone but again it would be an affordability issue. He's not a $4.5 mil. player, he's not perfect but I doubt there aren't a few teams that would/will sign him for 2 to 2.5 mil per. Babs stubbornly stuck with him with Rielly when he wasn't suited to play against the opposition's best, this diminished him in the eyes of fans and media so he's now a target, someone to blame in bad times. He's a 5 or 6 d-man on most teams maybe even a 4 if paired well. I don't see the value in Clifford, I don't think he's worth TO giving up a 2nd because as that trade is now TO keeps it's 2nd but gives up it's 3rd if he isn't resigned. I don't like his propensity to take ill timed penalties and I don't think he's worth more than 1 mil. per season. I see the rumors are that TO wants to resign him? I'm sure he'll be looking for more money and at $1.6 mil. per he's already overpaid. Kerfoot, Johnsson and Kappy are rumored to be available for a d upgrade but I wonder what team would be willing to give up a quality, top 4 d-man for any of them. Dubas made that surprising Kadri/Barrie & Kerfoot trade so it might be an interesting summer.
  2. I don't think what is happening now will affect next year's cap, this year's escrow and the owner's bottom line, yes, unless the world is still in the midst of social distancing at the beginning of next year, then there won't be a full season, again so things would be prorated I'd think. When we see Matthews score it is easy to think that assists can be discounted but assists acknowledge that hockey is a team game. Matthews can score from impossible situations but the rest of TO's goals are the result of team effort.
  3. How have the big 4's contracts worked out so far?I would say they are expected to provide offense while not being a detriment to the team overall.AM- 70 gp, 47 g, 33 ass., 80 points, +19MM- 59 gp., 16 g., 51 ass., 67 points, +6 JT- 63 gp., 26 g, 34 ass., 60 points, -7WN- 68 gp., 31 g., 28 ass., 59 points, -2JT and WN are negative players but basically their line was the experimental line where they've played with a cast of many. TO has 238 goals for, third best in the NHL, the big 4 have a combined total of 120 goals which is over 50% of TO's GF and they have missed 22 games and this is the third most goals scored by a team in the NHL this year, bears repeating, I think.For every goal scored the league could award 2 assists so with 238 goals the assist total could be 476 assists, the big 4 have 146 assists total so they're not keeping pace there.TO has 36 wins and the big 4 have 18 GWG, 50 % exactly, there's no record of game tying goals that I know of.The big 4 have a combined +14 but I think Hy's total should be included in their total because he plays with them all the time for a total of +27, the rest of TO has a +25, I wonder how much of the +25 is the result of players on the ice with the big 4. Of some interest I think, Barrie is -7, Holl is +13, Dermott +14, Ceci +7, Sandin -7 and Lilly -5.It seems to me TO's big 4 is living up to their contracts, in spite of the salary imbalance TO is in a playoff spot. TB had a historic season last year yet got eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs so I'd say it isn't essential that TO be the best team every game so long as it make the playoffs.The silver lining is the the cap is going up and the big 4s bite of the cap is going to go down and outside of JT the big 4 will all be less than 25 to start next year!Of all of the FAs that TO let leave for nothing only one has bothered me, Bozak. I think a line with Bozak, Kadri and Kappy would be a line that TO could really use but of course that line would be very expensive but I'm sure there could've been a way. I know Bozak is getting 5 mil. from St.L. but I'm sure he would've taken a home town discount. It's TO's 3rd line that I think is it's greatest weakness now, TO can make a very good tho expensive 4th line outside of it's top 5 forwards. Next year TO is probably going to shed Barrie and Ceci and I doubt Sandin and Lilly are ready, hopefully I'm wrong. Even if they are reasonably ready TO would need someone to play with Rielly and some reasonably priced experienced extra. One more potentially decent goalie would be ideal.The doom and gloom that this year brought us might lift as soon as next year.
  4. TO is having scoring problems lately yet Keefe wants to go to the empty well constantly? Kerfoot and his nearly 15 minutes per game gets elevated to the second line to supposedly stimulate both himself and that line offensively. On top of that he has been on that line on and off frequently during the season and he gets that reward because he has managed 9 goals and 19 assists for a grand total of 28 points in 65 games. When Kerfoot isn't elevated Kappy gets called, now he has been more successful offensively this year than Kerfoot but he really hasn't taken advantage, his stats 13 goals, 23 assists for 36 points on 16 minutes TOI average per game. TO trades for a hot shot who also gets an immediate shot at the 2nd line. It doesn't matter that he had been used as a 4th liner on his previous team, he was frequently benched, he somehow deserved a shot at the 4th line. So far this year Malgin has managed an awe inspiring 4 goals and 8 assist for 12 points in 44 games off of an average TOI of 12 minutes. Meanwhile TO has a player that has 9 goals and 16 assists for 25 points off of 11 minutes average TOI. This same player never gets to the 1st or 2nd line except in very special circumstances, so rarely, and this player is often benched so he has only played in 58 games. My question is why keep going to players that can't elevate their game, can't take advantage of unearned opportunities when a possible answer to some of TO's scoring isn't being given any consideration. Why not elevate Spezza, if Malgin of all players was worthy of a shot. Forest/trees anyone.
  5. TO went thru this last year, TO lost to Arizona and they had 10 or 11 regulars hurt, TO lost to Ottawa after Ottawa had traded away Karlsson and Stone. I think this is a case of the players trying to buy into what Keefe and previously Babs are trying to instill, defense wins. This is a case of too little too late, it's not a good time to fundamentally change how the team plays. TO plated poorly from Xmas on last year. I agree changes are probably likely but those will probably involve players like Kerfoot, Kappy, Ceci but the core of forwards and Rielly, Muzzin, Andersen will be back. That does make sense because TO could/should be better with a healthier lineup.
  6. Another frustrating game, TO couldn't score against a bottom feeding team and this team didn't have it's 4 best d-men? Well we're finally seeing TO become a defensive dynamo that many have been lusting for, 7 goals against in the last 3 games a 2.33 GA, fun. I don't get Keefe, when he first started coaching and saw nothing was working he'd change things up, he's far more reluctant now. Obviously he wants TO to be a defensive dynamo because he certainly didn't mix things up tonite and thru this road trip. Changing up Malgin and Engvall doesn't count. The lines are stale, that was obvious Monday, Thursday and again today yet like Babs we saw the same old, same old, that was one of my major sore points with Babs. Malgin, Engvall, Kappy plus others aren't top 2 line quality players as we have seen, I think Spezza would provide far more value there. There are still lots of potentially different and perhaps more productive lines I'd like Keefe to try. The bottom 2 lines can basically stay the same, who cares. Hy/AM/Spezza Ny/JT/MM I wouldn't want Nylander and AM on the same line because I like what we're seeing from Ny, when he played with AM he seemed to spend all of his time trying to set up AM now he's a scoring machine and pretty dynamic every game, mostly. AM managed to get 73 points in 68 games last year and that was mostly with Kappy and Johnsson as his wingers, when AM is on he's a force on his on, when he's not on I don't think it matters who he plays with.
  7. Yes, Hextall's choice of coach is the gift that keeps on giving. To is much improved this year, no longer 12th most goal-against now TO's GA is 28th worse in the NHL.
  8. Is any team a Cup contender if they don't have a decent goalie? As for what you say I ignored , I've already stated how I think TO is younger, you seem to disagree, I don't feel like pissing into the wind.
  9. Most teams that win Cups win one or 2 and that can come anywhere during the life of a team based on a core player like Giroux so maybe it's now for Philly. St.L. came out of nowhere last year, last in the NHL at Xmas, and went on to win it all. The Flyers are maybe playing like TO but with maturity, an age/experience advantage so they're bringing their game on a more consistent basis. However this year I see that the majority of the Flyer core has essentially been healthy and while the popular belief is good teams can overcome injuries, it really isn't true when involving multiple core players. Philly has a good chance this year, as good as anyone and so to might TO, health is key plus other factors. A month to playoffs and philly has suffered a devastating injury, JVR is out, uh oh.
  10. I have Center Ice thru Shaw Cable, I get every game in the NHL either on Sptnt or Center Ice.
  11. Your team is going to have to be good enough to first make the playoffs and then go deep enough to face TO.
  12. Every team has a prospect pool? Who's the ?cancer guy?
  13. I don't think it's significant how old a whole roster is on average, it's how old a team's core is. For some reason I'm not in a panic that Marincin is aging out, don't know why that doesn't concern me?
  14. I think Rux was trolling us, don't you. Ya think that might be because the Flyers are rapidly approaching rebuild, they're having what might be their last kick at the can, this year. Couturier-27 Vorachek-30 JVR-30 Giroux-32 Hayes-27 Niskanen-33 That is the ages of the Flyers top 6 of 7 in scoring, JVR and Hayes have 3 and 6 years left on their $7 mil. per contracts. If Rux doesn't think TO is young, what must he think of Philly's age?
  15. I liked Zaitsev's physicality, Zaitsev was paired with Muzzin to form TO's defensive duo so they did a lot of heavy lifting, Ceci either with Barrie or on the 3rd pairing plays more of a sheltered role with TO. I think the only reason Zaitsev was moved was because of money. How long should we go thinking injuries are not an excuse, at some point it has to be. Columbus the little team that could has 76 points in 65 games, they currently have 11 players injured and their record for the last 10 games is 1-4-5 so it's just not feasible to expect much from TO at this time. The Jekyll and Hyde act is good, TO is responding and against teams like Pitts. and TB, I think TO winning is above and beyond what we should expect.
  16. 2nd overall choice that plays without any heart, TO had him for 6 years in his prime and he didn't have any heart then but at one time most of TO's centers were injured so he was tried at center, guess how long that lasted. When it comes to TO's defense I'm reminded of Nova Scotia, there's no such thing as good times or bad times as far as jobs or economic opportunities because in good or bad times for most of the country, N.S. times never change. Actually TO does have d depth, the level of play for any of the d isn't outstanding so when one gets injured replacements are relatively easy to find. Good defensive teams have a good goalie and forwards that participate in defending, TO's d might not be stellar but it's alright and even exceptional because the forwards don't participate in TO and TO is still in the playoff race. This Ceci perception is something that has been universally accepted but is based more on a guy who has played on bad teams rather than his lack of ability. TO used to have Polak, another universally panned d-man, TO doesn't resign him yet Dallas does and Dallas is still one of the best defensive teams. The only problem with Ceci is he's overpaid for what he can do.
  17. I've been watching Sandin and I notice that he actually body checks, he doesn't just stick check so he is considerably different than Rielly and Barrie. He has a very good chance to become a more well balanced d-man than those 2. Lily probably feels under the gun, make a couple mistakes and he's done, with the Muzzin injury he might feel freer and we might get a better view of his true potential. The prevailing opinion on him when in the A was that defensively he's more developed than Sandin. I'm just hoping they both can learn to not just be puck watching, TO's lone non puck watcher now is Muzzin and before him it was Kostka.
  18. I think the point is, is that TO somehow couldn't become a Cup winner and we have good reason to believe that the core of what we have now might not be excused away sometime in the near future. TO couldn't make it past the first round in the last 3 playoffs and that seems horrible but considering the quality of the opposition I don't find that was anything to be really upset about. How important is it to keep the core forwards together, tonite's game is a prime example. Matthews and Marner couldn't get it done so Nylander and Tavares rose to the occasion. While it's important that a team needs good to great defense, no team can go far without scoring. Pitts. won a Cup because they could score and their lone superior d-man was injured. Hainsey played on the top d pairing. What worked for Pitts was having superior forwards that bought into the necessity for them to help defend, maybe not Kessel. Chicago won a Cup with Niemi in net, Niemi was essentially a backup grade goalie thru his career. When healthy I think TO has a decent enough d to win in the playoffs but that's only if the forwards are willing and able to be responsible. Trading away one of our superior forwards would be a disaster, improving the d would be ideal but there needs to be a way to do that without sacrificing what's great about the team. I'm sort of happy that Rielly and Ceci are injured because if TO is going to be stronger/better in the future it's probably going to be because Sandin and Liljegren are gaining valuable experience, now. That's NHL experience not AHL experience, we need them to develop, now, so they can support what might be a dominant team in the future.
  19. I think the reason the picks didn't pan out is because TO wasn't draft invested, make the playoffs was the mantra at that time. TO has had some pretty good draft choices in spite of itself like Damphousse, Kaberle and many more but TO wasn't prepared to wait so they traded choices before or too quickly after the draft, no Niedermeyer, no Rask. John Ferguson Jr. consulted with the powers that be and recommended TO do a Shanaplan, he was told no, his job was to ensure that TO make the playoffs. TO wasn't spending anything on scouting, it looked like TO's draft choices were selected from The Hockey News' or the like's ratings. The teams were better but the price of that modest success was no Cup for 53 years.
  20. Ya, it was also the era where TO never got over the hump, traded away draft choices constantly looking for the fading star that was more fading than star. In '67 TO won with an old lineup but that lineup was basically comprised of career Leafs and we have a chance to see that again but maybe this time the cast might be younger. I didn't expect TO would be even able to make the playoffs this year, too much money in too few hands but I expect as the Cap rises TO will be able to add quality depth and truly contend.
  21. A good team forces the opposition to adapt to it, adapting to another team means your team isn't good. I saw that TO is 4th in the NHL at possession at close to 53%, that's superior team territory and that's in spite of giving the puck away so much.
  22. The top 6 players listed were 28 or more so if they didn't win they weren't going anywhere ever. Time will tell with the team we have now.
  23. TO isn't a chip and chase team, essentially they'd be gifting the puck to the opposition, that's the game Babs wanted TO to play, it didn't work then... On the PP Nylander either gets the puck into the opposition's end or he passes to the player likely to get there, it's an awesome talent, a true asset that Keefe isn't exploiting. I would like to know why? Thru all of this TO's PP has been awesome, top 4 in the league and since Keefe took over it's been better than when Babs was presiding but I think it could be better.
  24. After last night I thought it best to pen my frustrations. I thought Keefe dropped the ball last night, Carolina was on their game and TO didn't have enough to reply but essentially Keefe couldn't find a way to help them reply, didn't seriously appear to be trying. TO lost to Buffalo last Sunday and I noticed the Eichel line had considerable icetime against TO's 4th line, I don't know why or how that was possible but that kind of innovation is something TO could've used last night. TO's PKing is questionable most nights and a lot of that has to do with goaltending which isn't something that can be fixed this year. Using 3rd and 4th liners to kill penalties, except for Marner, isn't working, hasn't been working and probably won't in the future. It might work for other teams but TO isn't other teams, that needs to change. Use Ny, Matthews and JT to kill some of those penalties, it might not work but we won't know if it isn't tried. PKing is a special team function so why not use special players to kill them. Boston uses Bergeron and Marchand, Florida uses Barkov, other teams use their best players to PK, why doesn't TO? Marchand is in the top 6 for scoring so him having the added PK responsibility doesn't seem to negatively affect his offense. On a night where TO's top 2 lines weren't, it wouldn't have hurt to break up the duos, TO has the forward depth to create reasonably potent 3 lines. Mixing up the bottom 2 lines wasn't a proper response. TO limped into the playoffs last year, played crappy from Xmas on, last year, and thru that Babs mostly kept the lines together. That didn't work with a relatively healthy lineup last year and isn't again this year. Keefe had TO winning when he first took over and he was mixing and matching constantly, even the big 4, we need more of that, maybe. Why oh why isn't Nylander bringing the puck up ice when TO is on the PP, he's TO's best at that and it isn't even close, man that's frustrating. Or even better move Spezza onto TO's top PP unit, he's TO's 2nd best at moving the puck and then TO might have options and be far less predictable. It's really something that TO's 2nd most physical d-man is it's smallest d-man, Sandin. Holl shouldn't be playing with Muzzin, he's horrible, he plays like Rielly, stick only, never uses his size. Holl and Dermott are TO's worst d-men, Marincin is even better by a small increment, they should be on the 3rd pairing. Marner needs to be fined every time he blind backhand passes, and doubly fined when his ill advised passes don't have a hope of being successful. His play is horrendous, he's MIA for most of the games and only noticed when he's again making his patented giveaway passes. This isn't the Marner we loved, it's odd Matthews had the ability to disappear in plain sight but has grown this year to become vital pretty well all the time while Marner is regressing. Marner well always get his points but for each point he's becoming a liability, what, 4 times per game. That penalty on Clifford was BS last night but it was reputation based and that's the problem with having his type of player. He's taken at least 3 poorly timed penalties since he's been with TO and he doesn't draw penalties, considering how poorly TO PKs he's essentially a liability. I'd love TO to augment the lineup with more physicality but that physicality needs to be without the other junk that results in penalties. Let's just hope that was a one off night, some nights the other teams are simply better and that doesn't make TO bad.

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