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  1. Keith is out for 4-6 weeks. If I'm the Hawks I stick the next man up into the line-up and play with what I've got until Keith returns. No point giving up anything of value in response to a short-term problem. Besides, Keith with a torn meniscus is better than a healthy L. Schenn, so there's no reason for the Hawks to consider a deal. Sigh.
  2. This is probably the best we can hope for. Of course, it's not without risk. As you say, there will be injuries during the course of the season that will have needy clubs looking for last-minute fill-ins. Hanging on to your tradable parts too long exposes you to the possibility that those players may wind up among the ranks of the injured too, and that come the deadline you'll be stuck with damaged goods that no one wants. Overall, I'm on board with the idea of showing patience, but I'll understand if the Flyers get a decent offer early on and decide to jump on it while it's still on the table.
  3. Sorry RJ, you beat me by two minutes. Ignore my duplicate post!
  4. I get your meaning as far as team chemistry goes, but personally, after months of sensory deprivation, I'll gladly take as much action I can get and then beg for more. I'd much rather watch meaningless pre-season hockey than the World Cup finals!
  5. I'm not upset with the move, assuming the price is right, but I'm a little puzzled as to why now. Why not wait a little and see how the season unfolds? Could they really have been worried that someone would extend Zac a juicy offer sheet in the offseason if they didn't get this done asap? This doesn't seem like a top priority and every contract you lock yourself into now gives you less flexibility down the road if other opportunities arise.
  6. What a great article! It really brings back some old memories; some happy, some not so much. I never knew Kaminski's was a Flyers' hang-out. I spent a few nights there myself--a few years before the Flyers discovered it by the sound of things. If I'd have known, I'd have hung around a while longer. I often think about these old stories of the amazing camaraderie the Bullies shared and wonder if that's part of what's been missing of late. Hey, what say we encourage all the guys to start hanging out at the Center City Tavern?
  7. This may be a stretch, but it seems to me that the popularity of fantasy leagues and such has given rise to a widespread mindset that if a guy doesn’t generate a lot of points, or an impressive stat sheet, then he’s not contributing. Players like Couturier are worth their weight in gold for their ability to do things that unfortunately don’t earn points in fantasy leagues. He puts in hard minutes against the toughest opposition the league has to offer, kills penalties, stays out of the penalty box himself for the most part, and scores often enough to offset the goals scored against him while he’s on the ice, all at a cap-friendly price. Sure, it would be nice if he was also a 50-goal scorer, but it would be nicer still if more forwards could match his shut-down defensive talents, or at least make the most of the protected minutes they enjoy by virtue of Couturier’s work neutralizing the league’s top lines.
  8. It seems like this deal is being evaluated almost exclusively in terms of Hartnell’s offensive skill set in relation to RJ’s, as well as the merit of the two contracts. I just have a gut feeling those weren’t the primary considerations. As I watched Berube during the course of this past season, I was struck by how much more demanding he seems to be of his players than other recent coaches, particularly in terms of fitness and discipline. Many times during the a game a Flyer would take an undisciplined penalty at the worst time, and the camera would pan to Berube and you could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. Very often I thought to myself, “There are some players who aren’t getting it. He’s going to send a few guys packing in the off season.” Nine times out of ten, the player that got him fuming was either Hartnell or Downie. We haven’t heard a peep about resigning Downie, as we all expected, and now Hartnell has been sent packing. It’s just a hunch, but I think this is more about Berube and Hextall saying, “We have certain expectations, and if you want to play here, you’re going to have to meet them.” I’m not ragging on Hartnell’s offensive skills, which if not epic are at least adequate. But he’s undisciplined. I think Hextall’s looking not just for skilled players, but for a certain type of mindset. At least, I hope so. RJ might not score as many points as Hartnell, but if he stays out of the box, he helps keep the penalty killers of the ice and allows them to stay fresh during 5 on 5 play. That may help make up for the difference in scoring.
  9. @aziz I wouldn't have been surprised at all to see him sign somewhere in the 2.5-3.0 range. It's a pretty sure bet at least a handful of teams would have been willing to extend an offer sheet for at least that much if he had gotten to free agency. So yeah, a little unexpected that he took this offer this early. But hey, good for us. I love that the young core is already getting locked in for the next few years. It should help ensure that any overly aggressive moves at next season's trade deadline or in free agency don't eat up the cap and squeeze out the young talent.
  10. Cap hit of $1.75 per year, per Anthony SanFilippo. Sounds like a solid deal.
  11. So I guess I'll put my Laughton jersey in moth balls....
  12. Morin wasn't who I was pulling for, but I can at least hope that the pick is indicative of a newfound commitment to patiently developing players from within. C'mon, prove me right Homer!

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