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  1. Will the lockout help with the salary cap? Because if Scheen plays one game for the Phantoms doesn't his salary cap hit go significantly down? I would hate to see a lockout, but could leave them more money to play with when all is said and done.
  2. Just read an article from Eklund, wasn't a crazy rumor article, but stated that the trade could be nullified to the Islanders, he has a $5.7 mill cap hit for only one year, he is only a year removed form a big year, the Flyers need help on D and he may be a big help. Not sure what the Islanders gave up, but if its a draft pick or two, I say go for it. This may not even be possible if the trade does go through.
  3. Is Yandle of the block right now? He is over a million less than Jaybo with a manageable 5.25, which is less than Carle got, for 4 years. If we have to give up something promising, and I would rather not, but if they do, do it for Yandle.
  4. Wow! I knew it was a while but that is longer than I expected and you're right, Kubina doesn't count. Now there is a possibility of two. Sounds good.
  5. I guess you could say, either is the D.
  6. Legion I was thinking he same think, not really paying attention to the left right hand shot. When one out weights the other, splitting the right handed shot is better option, I kinda forgot about it since the Flyers have not had to many right handed shots lately if I remember correctly. I think doom is right on.
  7. Didn't even see that, sorry boys, def wanna split up the righties, ok, I'm convinced, but what about the forwards, how's that work?
  8. @jammer2, that's why I put Schenn with Weber, ala Pronger/Carle (I know this has been debated) to help Schenn out. Schenn is also a stay home D man and use Weber as the puck mover of the pair. Pronger may have not been the deciding factor with Carle, but may have helped him that first year and Carle took the step the then Mesz with Grossmann, because Grossmann is a stay home, and like doom said, Kimo/Coburn from past experiences. I think MAB will be used for a trade piece somewhere down the line.
  9. @doom88, like I said, you know your stuff, just for craps and giggles, what would your D look like? I'm thinking; Weber (if they get him)-Schenn, Mesz-Grossmann, Kimo-Coburn and Gervias as a fill in.
  10. But plays the role good, you need players like that. You know your stuff, but like you said that's my opinion as well. Gotta have the character guys like Shelly, just kidding.
  11. I really like Talbot, great X-factor, he does everything asked of him Brindy all over again.
  12. @doom88, really? I like his game.
  13. @jammer2, I agree, but I do like Dubinsky, but MAB would be a good chip to trade. They will have a lot of D-men (Coburn, Meszaros, Kimo, Grossman, Schenn, and hopefully, Weber, and Gervais as the 7th) and can use him in a trade. What would be nice if they could pull this all off and still have Pronger's 4.5 left over. Then if someone gets hurt, they can call up Walker and Lilja if need be. I'm sure Lilja would be the first option, since Walker costs so much, but in a pinch, he might work.
  14. I think the Rangers gave up some really good players, unfortunately, that will drive up the price for Ryan. I hope they do not give up Hartnell and Kimo. I think both are an important piece to the puzzle. Kimo is a soldier and if Hartnell can do what he did last year with Giroux and Ryan, then I good with that. I really hope, as everyone else, Homer does not give up anyone on the forward side of things. MAB and Gus I'm good with, everyone else off limits. Won't happen, but is what I hope for.
  15. If the Flyers get Weber for the picks, then trade MAB , the rights to Voracek and possibly another d-men (Gus) for Ryan. This would give them a rw for Giroux, while shedding some salary to make room for Ryan and not getting rid of any O blue chips. This would still leave the D stacked, O would need to grow and improve from last year, but would look pretty good top to bottom. I think the numbers would be close though. MAB and Gus about a mil and half together, probably closer to 2 than a half, 3.5 mil for Voracek. Maybe I'm wrong it wouldn't work, but stranger things have happened. Would be nice if it was pulled off. Doan would work as well instead of Ryan, he would be about the same price, either would be nice. If this was discussed in any way, I apologize for the repost.
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