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Its Time for Lavi to speak Up: Both of our Goalies Suck!

Guest The Quigster

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Bobbo and Bryzo should change their job classification from "Goalie" too "Professional Hole".I was looking at the NHL site just now:Rangers at the top. They should have added with "Bryzo's help! The time has come for all the pot sitters to move! Homer needs to act now. I have to give Timmonen credit for speaking up,Lavi should try it!

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How true Quigly! I have said it many times. "I am too old to cry but it hurts too much to laugh."

I think the majority of us had High Hopes(apologies to Harry Calas) that the Goalie situation was finally going to be resolved. Now that it looks like Leighton could have done the same thing for a lot less money is a puzzlement?

Please leave the youth alone. No body out there will be the little boy at the dike. Take the kids and practice practice practice.

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Its not lavi's style to bash players in the press. He will talk about team play mostly, but lets the harsh words stay in the room or one-on-one player meetings.

What is up with all your whining? Aziz was right- all you do is whine. You start a whine thread and then runaway. Whats the deal??

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