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  1. Well that's new. And all we could possibly ask.
  2. **** no. Because Crosby. Also, bad trade in terms of value.
  3. Well, wasn't two years enough to consider Cooke "reformed"? Whatever a first time offender gets should be fair. He'll get a few extra for the crest more than likely, but stranger things have happened.
  4. Way too early for playoff talk and praising Haxtol. On the latter, players usually play better for a while with a new coach, "proving" they themselves are not the problem. Let's see if this sticks and how Haxtol adapts when it doesn't.
  5. Hey, welcome back! How's the dog?
  6. And how much of the US falls in that category? Short of heavily promoting street hockey, the NHL will not be broadly popular.
  7. Does death count? The only big differences are 1M more for Timonen and more years for Streit. Someone will want Streit. Probably several teams.
  8. Well, poor people can play soccer with a ball and open space. Hockey is hardly as accessible to start.
  9. Chicago felt differently about Timonen.

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