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Tuch gets hat trick as Sabres beat Flames

Buffalo Rick

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Comrie comes through again and the Sabres pull  off another surprise win in Canada!  Maybe the magic is back?  The Sabres could not have asked for a better start to the season.  Now they go into Vancouver and Seattle to face two teams that are not as good as the first two they met.    Anderson was scheduled to start last night?  I am really surprised that Granato went with Comrie again?  I wonder what that is about?  Yes I know he had a big night in Edmonton but Anderson was going to start. No doubt he will play in one of the two upcoming games.  I just hope this continues and the Sabres keep scoring. Dahlin even has 3 goals I believe early on?  Powers has gotten assists in these games . And Himestroza I really like.  He had 3 assists last night.  He may be a rising star on this team?

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I don't know about "magic", but both Alex Tuch AND Rasmus Dahlin have been damned good for Buffalo in this early going.
And you know what?
I don't think what those two players are doing is a fluke either.

Alex Tuch has long shown himself to be a pretty good NHL power forward, going on some crazy offensive streaks at times.
Rasmus Dahlin is FINALLY rounding into the offensive package (even showing a bit of snarl in his game) the Sabres thought they were getting when they drafted him.

Now...there still are a few other players on the team that need to get their games up to speed, as Tuch and Dahlin, no matter how good they play, cannot carry the entire team on their own all year.
But that all said, one of the most important things Buffalo needed to do seems to have been done:
They got rid of the losing mentality, and seem to have players who WANT to be there, be part of the solution, and continue laying the foundation for a yearly contender.

Watching a bit of their games here and there, seems players do stick up for each other, no one floats, everyone does what they are supposed to.
Again, some players need to step up to earn their keep, the defense could still use some tightening up, and it will remain to be seen how far the duo of Comrie and Anderson can take this bunch and whether the Sabres will feel the need to call up Luukko (I think they will!), but the signs are very good that this Buffalo team is slowly coming together, lead by the likes of Tuch and Dahlin.

And that is something Buffalo fans should be very happy about.
No magicians necessary!

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