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Off season moves whether we make it or not

Guest Miller Time

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I am not a big fan of Refehr. He let that guy skate right around him last night and beat Miller. I would trade him and call up McNabb. I love what I have seen from that kidd McNabb,

The Keepers, obvious or not: Miller, Vanek, Pommenville, Myers, Erhoff, Hodgson, Boyes (not all will agree with this one but I keep him), Ennis, Kaleta, Gerbe, Leino (has come around), Sekera.

Not sure: Roy (word is him and Ruff have had it with each other), Ellis (works hard for sure), Leopold ( sure turns the puck over more than he scores and can be a liability)

Would trade or let go. Drew Stafford. Yes. I have expected much from him and believe he would benefit from a change of scenary. McCormick, Hecht (is he still on the team?, Always hurt)

Enroth must be kept as a backup unless an offer is presented.

Depending on how Darcy handles the draft, the big issue is the number one draft picks. Does he trade them for a proven player or use them? That is a big big question. I have total faith in his ability. Why wouldn't I after the job he did on Nashville. So my fellow Sabre fans or non fans, lets see if you agree on my take?

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Well, here's what capgeek.com says will be current state at the end of the season

Signed: Vanek, Pominville, Leino, Roy ($4M through 2013), Stafford ($4M through 2015), Hodgson, Gerbe, McCormick, Ellis, Regehr, Ehrhoff, Leopold ($3M through 2013), Sekera, Myers, Weber, Miller, Enroth

UFA: Boyes, Hecht, Sulzer

RFA: Kaleta, Ennis

18 signed with $6.6M cap space.

Aside from maybe Regehr, I like the D. I would upgrade on Regehr if given the chance, but I think his $4M will be hard to move. He also has a NMC. This could be a serious revist of the Rivet Situation.

Forwards once you add, say, Luke Adam to the mix are pretty solid top six and I think you correctly identify Stafford and Roy as potential trade bait. Both are signed at reasonable numbers. With Adam, Buffalo's at 19 signed and about $5.8M to work with. There's a good player out there who could be had for $5M who could upgrade the forwards or defense..

All things considered and barring injury, this team should be ready to challenge for the playoffs from the start of next season. I don't see a possible contender for the Cup, pending whatever upgrades Darcy can pull off over the summer.

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Hecht I say will be gone for sure. And Ennis will be signed for sure. I am not so sure about Weber.

Weber is already signed - whether he plays in the NHL may be the pertinent question.


I think they sign both of the RFAs. They still have about $3-4M to dicker about with.

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@Irishjim if you know any team looking for a 4.5 million dollar 3rd line center/winger that puts up 30 points I'll personally drive Leino to that city. I really want to like Leino but boy that contract is a tough pill to swallow.

I honestly don't think Ruff has used Leino well and then he got quickly inserted into the infamous "doghouse."

Leino is NOT a feature player, he is a catalyst on a line that makes his linemates (see: Briere, Hartnell) better.

The contract is insane both in amount and length.

I think he'll improve, but probably never emerge from being the "next Hecht".

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Come on now. Leino is playing very well. I am waiting for Hodgson to have a break out game. We played a pretty good game and did not get the breaks. Thomas robbed Boyes blind on one and Enroth though he played well, Miller never gives up those last two.

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