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Tell me if I am wrong. Sabres lead NHL in goals scored with 127

Buffalo Rick

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NOBODY , even Boston who are 2nd, have scored more goals than the Buffalo Sabres.  Not Toronto, not Tampa, not Vegas, not Edmonton,  NOBODY.  We even have a better goals against than Edmonton!  As I have stated, goaltending is the biggest issue but Luukenen has improved.  Anderson has been up and down, on and off.  Comrie remains on IR.  Personally I would stick with Luukenen of the 3.  Power and Brysen are out injured, and that does not help either.  But I am very happy that Lawrence Pilut is playing. I do not like this other guy much, Lyubushkin or however he spells his ridiculous name.   And Jokuaru?  I hate to see anyone injured but I do NOT MISS him.  Samuelson has been good.  Of course Dahlin is the leader and QB and I cannot complain about him any more.  Power and him give us a good future at the position and so too Bryson who can fly.  I am not sure how they are ranking the others but Samuelson and Pilut would be in my plans.  Fitzgerald is ok.  But certainly expendable.  
Tage Thompson and Skinner lead the way in scoring with help from some youngsters, Quinn, Paterka, Cozens and Krebs to name a few and of course Alex Tuch

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43 minutes ago, Hockey Junkie said:

NOBODY , even Boston who are 2nd, have scored more goals than the Buffalo Sabres.  


Yeah yippee I guess you've actually given up more goals than stinky Flyers though.


So yeah there's that...

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