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Pegula should fire jackass Adams

Buffalo Rick

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Your winning and your goalie that finally find has won 5 in a row and is the only damn goalie you have that is any good, and what do you do?  You send him to Rochester.  Then you lose to Flyers without even giving a top effort, proven by the shots.  Yes the Flyers goalie was hot that night.  Backup goalies always try to impress.  Then Seattle comes in.  A team that is on fire. It was a horse race, the Sabres played pretty well. But not like they did vs the Wild.  I can see that this team is disappointed that Luukenen was sent down. They believed in him.  They do not believe in these other two bums.  And why should they? Granato has to be pissed. His job might be on the line now?  If they just fall out of it.  And without Luukenen, they damn well might.   This is the worst move I have seen in years.  And sending Pilut down is crap also.  They are just hell bent on Jokuharu.  I cant stand that over rated defenseman  You have Dahlin, who should be on the all star team, not sure if he will be?  Power who is having a great rookie season.  And this useless Jokuharu.   Wish him and Adams were shown the door.  Pegula has to do something because nobody else does.  I guess they will just cheer for the Bills and let the Sabres continue to rebuild. They did not have to wait . Playoffs were in sight with Luukenen. Not without him

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It was just a paper move to send Luukkonen to the AHL as he is not required to be put on waivers and he has just been called up. I guess that's what the front office explained to him. It was really not linked to his performances. Now the Sabres will probably sent Anderson down with Comrie being in the line-up again.

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15 hours ago, Samifan said:

Pegula stopped caring about the Sabres 5 minutes after he bought the Buffalo Bills.

Im not so sure.  His wife health issues kept his eyes away but I think he still cares about Sabres. The Bills are much closer than the Sabres right now and Brandon Beane is far better than Adams

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