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Sabres down Panthers and now are in playoff position

Buffalo Rick

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I feel pretty good about us taking down the Islanders with all these extra games.   Even if the Red Wings hang around, and we own them head to head.  Last night was a surprisingly great performance by Anderson and the Sabres did have a goal taken down by that sneaky little punk ass Maurice.  Another one of those delayed offsides where the opposing coach just waits in the weeds to use it as ammo if your team scores and the Sabres scored a goal that looked very good.  I hate the rule. If the refs cant call it right on the offsides and play continues, there should be a time limit on when they can challenge it.  And I say the same had it gone the other way. Its BS.  

Remember when the RED LINE mattered?  There was one painted .  But it no longer matters.  The old two line pass is gone.  At Tampa the other night on the Sabres third goal, Skinner hit Thompson on a beauty of a pass sending him in on a breakaway and he scored.  In the old days they would have calld it offsides.  So that rule really has kept the play going.  Far less whistles and more offense. Imagine Gretsky and Perrault if they played under those rules.  

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