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2024 Sabres review


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PRESEASON OUTLOOK Lots and lots of people simply fell in love with the Sabres before the season began. Devon Levi was looked at like a young Carey Price, Tage Thompson came of a fantastic season and they had come on strong the year before, missing the playoffs by a single point in 2023. Many fans simply felt the Sabres were due to finally return to the postseason.


 FINAL RECORD 39-37-6 84 points, 6th in Division 7 points out of a playoff spot


STRANGE STAT OF THE YEAR alex Tuch was a fan favorite away from Buffalo, his road stats were so much better than at home. Road he led the team with 15 goals and 34 points and was a plus 10, at home he was very ordinary, 7 goals, 7th on the team in scoring and was a minus 1. 


HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR you want the truth? None really. They slogged out to start the year, winning a couiple losing a couple in return and that is what they did all year. They were never worse than 3 games below .500 or better than 2 games above. They just kind of hovered around mediocrity all year long.


LOW POINT OF THE YEAR Trading Casey Mittlestadt for Bowen Byram was a sign that they threw in the towel and IMHO a terrible trade at the deadline. Again, nothing as far as a super low, they just went along as if in a mediocre fog all year.


WHAT WENT RIGHT Dahlin is a superstar, point blank, just an amazing player, just fun to watch. Luukonen was fantastic, he carried the load in net and was rock steady most nights. Four forwards, Tuch, Thompson, Skinner and Peterka all scored 20 plus goals. Owen Power was very steady. Dylan Cozens, Jack quinn and Zach Benson were tremendous as kids establishing themselves as the future. Jordan Greenway was a snarling winger who could score a bit. 


WHAT WENT WRONG Nobody in the NHL failed more miserably than Levi, period, full stop. He was awful for much of the year, spent time in Rochester, got hurt and lost his job to another young goalie. He personally cost the team a shot at running for the playoffs. Tage Thompson had a good season but after the great one the year before crashed hard overall. Olofsson was the softest player i have seen in years and was a complete bust. Some kids worked out while others namely Peyton Krebs did not. Tyson Jost had an awful season. Samuelsson was supposed to steady the blueline could not stay healthy and reallly when on the ice was not that good. Don Granato lost the team, he never developed a rotation among the blueliners, killing Dahlin and Power played waaaay to much and the third pair guys player 13, 14 minutes a night which might work in the postseason but doesnt come close in the long regular season. 


FREE AGENTS Olofsson and Jost wont be invited back and will be replaced by talented young kids. Nobody of significance will be lost. Luukonen is a RFA and wants paid. Krebs and Jokiharju will want multiple years and the team must decide whether or not to extend them. 


TOP PROSPECTS Matthew Savoie will fight for a top six forward role and brings energy and skill. Levi is still a prospect, he has to shut last years hype away and build a career which he is certainly capable of doing. Isak Rosen and Noah Ostlund are skilled forwards fighting for a job as well. 


OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS This team is set roster wise, maybe one defensive position is available, about 13, 14 forwards fighting for 12 spots, all deserving of a regular shift in the NHL, two young goalies, cap space is ok, not good or bad. Ruff back as the coach which you have to admit knows how to set a lineup and squeeze the other team like  anyone. 

  The question, IMHO is can this team win with what they have? Lots of kids, vets tied up long term, they are who they are with minor tinkering but can Ruff identify a lineup that can compete out of these players? If Thompson is a 55 point a year player that is devastating but they have kids who need to step up and more in the pipeline. Can they step up and push for the playoffs after missing for 13 years in a row? 

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Luukenen is our goalie now!  He’s earned it.  We are now “Ruff n ready”!  I’m guaranteeing a playoff spot!  Got that!  Guaranteed!  Bank on it.  And we not only make it. we will be competitive!  

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