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Your 1st and 2nd ALL TIME TEAMS

Guest habsguy26

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Hey guys, just started this because of a recent topic in the shout box... what is your 1st and 2nd all time teams? Include 3 forwards, 2 defencemen, and 1 goalie. Leave your teams in the comments. Hope to see you all give it a shot.

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Ok, I'll bite...

1st team

LW Bobby Hull

C Lemieux

RW G Howe

D Orr

D Lidstrom

G Roy

2nd team

LW Lafleur (I know he was a RW but had to get him in here somewhere)

C Gretzky

RW Jagr

D Robinson

D Bourque

G Parent

Mostly very subjective, especially goalie. I don't know that I can really say who was the best of the ones I've seen- Parent, Dryden, Roy, Brodeur, Hasek... then there's Plante, Sawchuck... who knows?

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I was gonna say, Parent is the 2nd best goalie of all time?! Lol here's my stab at it...

LW -Brett Hull

C -Wayne Gretzky

RW- Maurice Richard

D -Orr

D - Bourque

G - Roy

LW - Guy Lafleur

C - Mario Lemieux

RW - Ron Francis

D - Paul Coffey

D - Nick Lidstrom

G - Jacques Plante/Martin Broduer

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Like I said, goalie is tough. But at his peak, Parent was about as dominating as any goalie I've ever seen. He reached that peak fairly late (not until he worked with Plante in Toronto) and it ended fairly early due to injury. But he was amazing for those years in between.

But... Brett Hull best left wing ever??? Noooooooooooo!

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Still trying to push my buttons there huh Jack? Anyway, defense after Orr is always tough to rate. Lidstrom has to be on the list . But I will take Al MCGuinnes over Coffey and Bourque any day. When you get to the second and even if you created a third team, it gets tough. I also think Potvin has to be on the list. Notice Flyers fans that I am fair. I put Parent on my starting unit. After him its deep. Roy, Hasek, Broduer, Sawchuck, and Jacque Plante. I have to really disagree with Brett Hull not only being on the list but being picked over his father Bobby. Are you kidding me? and Habs, why no mention of Beleveau?

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