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City of Pittsburgh new tourism campaign - VisitPittsburgh

Guest Irishjim

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- Want be the slimmest, sexiest girl in the room? #VisitPittsburgh

- Last Piss Stop Before Ohio! #VisitPittsburgh

- Who needs belts when you have sweatpants? #VisitPittsburgh

- We just got Cable #VisitPittsburgh

- Want that city feel without all the walking? #VisitPittsburgh

- Ever been on an Incline? #VisitPittsburgh

- We still have monster trucks. #VisitPittsburgh

- Ever been on a 1980's New York City bus? #VisitPittsburgh

- Like Community Theater? Good! That's all we have! #VisitPittsburgh

- Tired of spelling? #VisitPittsburgh

- Home of the 2012 Cassette Tape Convention! #VisitPittsburgh

- Do you like watching Minor League Baseball played in a Major League Park? #VisitPittsburgh

- Ever seen an '84 Civic? We have hundreds! #VisitPittsburgh

- Tired of everyone asking you why you still have a flip phone?#VisitPittsburgh

- Ever been to a toll booth museum? #VisitPittsburgh

- Ever dreamed of seeing Cats performed by cats? #VisitPittsburgh

- When you say 'loaded nachos' do you mean with a pint of jagermeister? #VisitPittsburgh

- Outdoorsy? People all over our city camp in cardboard boxes every night! #VisitPittsburgh

- Abandoned Steel Mill Tours Daily! #VisitPittsburgh

- We just got channel 51! #VisitPittsburgh

- Want to take classes on how to use Windows 95? #VisitPittsburgh

- Just find out you're married to your sister? We have a federal assistance program for that! #VisitPittsburgh

- Want to see the world's only unsanctioned Law & Order SVU museum in a trailer? #VisitPittsburgh

- Ever wanted to say "Van down by the river" and mean it?#VisitPittsburgh

- We just got coke zero! #VisitPittsburgh

- Want to be with people who have no idea what decent beer is? t#VisitPittsburgh

- Did you like Legend of Bagger Vance? Our movie theater is still showing it! #VisitPittsburgh

- Want to shop at Woolworths? #VisitPittsburgh

- Do you walk around your city and think there's not enough things painted piss yellow around here? #VisitPittsburgh

- Want to see the city named '#1 City' by Hobo Life & Leisure?#VisitPittsburgh

- wanna see what happened to those cargo jean shorts you gave to goodwill? #visitPittsburgh

- Want to experience West Virginia but without all of that nature crap? #VisitPittsburgh

- Where french fries are a salad topping. #VisitPittsburgh

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Those are funny,

I like Pittsburgh though. Went to school on that side of the state and aside from the hockey team there's a lot to like, the people are friendly, the food is good, it's nice.

Just poking fun, was waiting for B21 to chime in :)
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