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John Tortorella press conference DJ remix is the soundtrack to your playoffs

Guest Irishjim

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By Greg Wyshynski | Puck Daddy

A lot of reporters can't stand John Tortorella press conferences because they run counter to everything a press conference should be: The media asking questions, gathering information for its audience and gaining insight into the New York Rangers. Instead, it's a coach dismissing questions, giving out information like Al Yeganeh spoons out soup and concealing as much as he can about the New York Rangers.

It's the court of King Torts, and he decides when to address the subjects. It's also just a matter of time before the time bomb explodes, leading to a tense exchange or the abrupt end of a presser. Which is why DJ Steve Porter's John Tortorella remix is so genius.

Perhaps the only misstep: That the clip lasted more than 16 seconds.

Porter, who previously used Don Cherry as the basis for a minor masterpiece, perfectly captured the Torts aesthetic: He's not just a stand-off-ish bully in press conferences, saying "next question" or "I'm not gonna talk about that" every answer. He also gives up some interview gold about power plays stinking and other assorted "crap."

That said, there's still no one better in the NHL at shutting it down than Torts. Witness this Norris worthy effort against Pierre McGuire of NBC during Game 7:


One of the beautiful things about this Rangers/Devils series: Tortorella and Pete DeBoer aren't exactly Facebook friends. This could be awesome.

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