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Rape allegations against Kings defenseman Doughty probed

Guest sarsippius

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Rape allegations against Kings

defenseman Doughty probed


Police are investigating date rape

allegations against Los Angeles

Kings defenseman Drew Doughty

stemming from an encounter with

a woman at a Southern California

seaside bar.

Doughty's attorney Craig Renetzky

confirmed Tuesday that Hermosa

Beach police were investigating

the woman's sexual assault

allegations against Doughty, and

said the District Attorney's office is

expected to decide this week

whether to file charges.

Renetzky says the investigation

into the alleged incident has been

ongoing for a number of months.

He would give no further details.

Phone and email messages left for

a police spokesman and with a

Kings spokesman weren't

immediately returned.

Doughty is among the Kings'

highest paid players after signing

a new contract earlier in the

season. The 22-year-old had two

goals and four assists during the

team's recent victory over the New

Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup


Copyright 2012 Associated Press .

All rights reserved. This material

may not be published, broadcast,

rewritten, or redistributed.

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"Sgt. Robert Higgins said the 25-year-old woman told police she met Doughty at a bar near the Hermosa Beach Pier on March 1. The two went to Doughty's home, where she turned down a proposition in front of several teammates.

They took a cab to her home, where she accused Doughty of raping her. The woman reported the incident to police the same day. Higgins said detectives asked her to call the hockey player while they listened, but she refused. He said the woman has been "less than cooperative" and that the district attorney's office and police have "found credibility problems."


These charges surely will be dropped.

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According to Mathew Barry of Hockeybuzz......

"TMZ is reporting the L.A. District Attorney has rejected the case from a woman with "major issues" with her credibility (read, she's probably a psycho puck bunny) and will not file charges against the Kings defenseman."

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