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Flyers vs. Canadiens, 15/12/11

Guest brelic

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From Meltzer http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Bill-Meltzer/Flyers-Gameday-121511--Canadiens/45/40551


Looking to extend their December winning streak to seven games and further improve their league-best road record, the Flyers (19-7-3) travel to Montreal tonight to take on the Canadiens (13-11-7). The game starts at 7:30 PM EST and will be broadcast locally on CSN Philly and nationally in the U.S. on NHL Network.

The game marks the third of four meetings between the teams this season. On Oct. 26 in Montreal, the Flyers got off to a good start in the first period but suffered a late period letdown that carried through the rest of the game. The Habs went on to blow out the Flyers, 5-1. In the annual Black Friday matinee (Nov. 25) in Philadelphia, Philly trailed early until Claude Giroux took over the game in the second period en route to a 3-1 win.

The Flyers cannot afford to let down their guard in Canada tonight. Tonight's match has "trap game" written all over it for the Flyers. Three reasons:

1) The game in Montreal is sandwiched in between an impressive road win in Washington and a much-anticipated home showdown with the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

2) The Flyers undoubtedly are feeling very good about themselves right now, especially coming off a "statement game" in which the club showed it could win in impressive fashion without either Giroux (out indefinitely with a concussion) or Chris Pronger (also out indefinitely with a concussion). Coupled with the club's six-game winning streak, Philly may not have the same focus or intensity coming into tonight.

3) The Canadiens have been inconsistent all season but when they are on, they can give any team trouble -- as they demonstrated already this season against the Flyers at a time things weren't going well at all beforehand for the Habs. This time around, Montreal comes in having won its last two games. Although the Habs have won just 4 of their last 10 games (4-2-4), they have picked up at least one point in eight of the games.

In order to prolong their current winning streak, the Flyers will need to bring the same sort of team-wide commitment from the outset tonight that they showed against the Capitals on Tuesday.

Even without Giroux or Pronger, the Flyers have a potent attack. Scott Hartnell brings in a six-game goal scoring streak. Both Danny Briere and Jaromir Jagr have racked up 8 points in the six December games. Wayne Simmonds has scored goals in three straight games and has also added two assists in that span.

For the Canadiens, Erik Cole and Max Pacioretty have been the hottest offensive players of late. Cole has scored goals in three straight games. Pacioretty has 5 points in the last five, and has two goals and three points against the Flyers in the season series to date.

On Tuesday night, the Flyers only had one power play opportunity, which they did not convert into a goal. Nevertheless, the club has been scorching hot on the man advantage all month, and brings a 20.3 percent success ratio (ranked 5th in the league) into tonight's game. Montreal, however, has been the second-best penalty killing team in the NHL, checking in tonight at 89.4 percent.

The Habs' power play has been at the other end of the spectrum, entering tonight's game at a dismal 12.2 percent (28th in the NHL). The Flyers penalty kill has been one of the few area that has not been very strong this month, but the club also has greatly cut back recently on the number of penalties it has been taking. For the season, Philly's PK stands at a middling 82.6 percent (16th in the NHL).

PROJECTED LINEUPS (subject to change)


Hartnell - Couturier - Jagr

Read - Briere - Simmonds

JVR - Talbot -Voracek

Shelley - Zolnierczyk - Rinaldo

Timonen - Coburn

Carle - Bourdon/Mezaros

Bourdon/Marshall - Mezaros




Cammalleri - Plekanec - Leblanc

Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole

Blunden - Eller - Kostitsyn

Darche - Nokelainen - Weber

Gorges - Subban

Kaberle - Campoli

Gill - Diaz



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Live Game Chat Log From Tonight (Start at the bottom).

10:38 PM Vanflyer peace out everyone. Goodnight (morning), good hockey.

10:37 PM Vanflyer HF- actually they are on Saturday / Sunday. Especially after x-mas / new year. That is bad, because my friends are merciless with me.

10:37 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has entered the room

10:37 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

10:37 PM hf101 night all

10:36 PM hf101 see ya van

10:36 PM Vanflyer Ok fellas, we rolled- barely, but a good win (despite the refs).

10:36 PM hf101 yep......at least the games aren't on at 2:00am

10:36 PM AbelMorpheus AbelMorpheus has left the room

10:35 PM Vanflyer I go to work at 6PM.

10:35 PM hf101 I know I'd rather watch hockey

10:35 PM AbelMorpheus I'm out. Time to refresh my cocktail and relax until bedtime. night all

10:35 PM hf101 I get up at 6am to go to work

10:35 PM canoli canoli has left the room

10:34 PM Vanflyer Yes, but HF- remember, I have to get up at 6am to watch / chat hockey. Such dedication! ;-)

10:34 PM AbelMorpheus night drew

10:34 PM hf101 sound nice van

10:34 PM Vanflyer later dig

10:33 PM PhilsFanDrew PhilsFanDrew has left the room

10:33 PM Vanflyer Gonna go swim in gorger blue water and 85% shortly. :-)

10:33 PM PhilsFanDrew later haters

10:33 PM AbelMorpheus Later Dig

10:33 PM Irishjim Irishjim has left the room

10:33 PM hf101 see ya digity

10:33 PM PhilsFanDrew 41-0

10:33 PM Irishjim whats football

10:33 PM Digityman Digityman has left the room

10:33 PM Vanflyer ah. Okay. Maybe he forgot. He did not mention it when I was doing the soft sell.

10:33 PM Digityman I'm out too. Posted the game chat in the game thread.

10:33 PM PhilsFanDrew boatrace city

10:33 PM brelic brelic has left the room

10:32 PM PhilsFanDrew Wow the Falcons are just bludgeoning the Jaguars

10:32 PM Digityman Van - Nov 5th B21 signed up

10:32 PM hf101 see ya Canoli

10:32 PM AbelMorpheus night canoli

10:32 PM Vanflyer later canoli

10:32 PM canoli Goodnight All

10:32 PM hf101 b21 has been here for awhile

10:32 PM canoli Well - another solid road win boys! Have fun Saturday afternoon - I gotta work - suck! so I'll miss it

10:32 PM Vincent05 Vincent05 has left the room

10:32 PM Vanflyer (b21 / burgher).

10:31 PM Vanflyer HF- did he sign up tonight?

10:31 PM Irishjim it is an open forum i'm ok with it

10:31 PM canoli I guess that's how it works...

10:31 PM hf101 of course, but it might be kinda fun to give him a few warnings

10:31 PM hf101 of course, but it might be kinda fun to give him a few warnings

10:31 PM canoli dk why he should be - we all always treated him with respect - because that's how he treated us

10:31 PM Vanflyer Digity- I agree.

10:30 PM Vanflyer Burgher showed up earlier on P.com. Asked if it was safe to come out and play. I told him sure, but if he wanted to talk some good hockey and not put up with bullshit to come here. He is a bit reluctant.

10:30 PM Digityman HF - as annoying as it is I say give him a chance.

10:30 PM canoli glad he made the switch

10:30 PM AbelMorpheus yeah you're right. A couple of years ago there was a pretty cool guy from pittsburgh

10:30 PM Irishjim 101 thats him

10:30 PM canoli he's a hockey fan. Ah, that's good to hear

10:30 PM PhilsFanDrew yes hf he is

10:30 PM hf101 Burgher is here I think as B21

10:30 PM PhilsFanDrew I don't always agree with Burgher but he is somewhat objective

10:29 PM canoli yeah what happened to Burgher?

10:29 PM PhilsFanDrew Sidmalkin was a fruit

10:29 PM canoli or the other one -rick, or whatever his names were

10:29 PM hf101 so digity can we flag Kuato for talking ing third person?

10:29 PM Irishjim not the sid/malkin dude

10:29 PM PhilsFanDrew Burgher is cool

10:29 PM canoli whoopdeedo. I'm happy to say I never once engaged that guy

10:29 PM Vanflyer Actually- this board could use just a twinge of spice / controversy. I tried to get one of the decent Pittsburgh posters to come over earlier.

10:29 PM AbelMorpheus but we're talkin about him

10:28 PM AbelMorpheus yep both of them

10:28 PM Irishjim yep

10:28 PM hf101 I still think he should only earn tokens if he speaks in first person

10:28 PM canoli under his kuato name?

10:28 PM PhilsFanDrew TWATO

10:28 PM Irishjim and he came with WE

10:28 PM AbelMorpheus yah I saw

10:28 PM canoli no I didn't know.

10:28 PM Vanflyer You know he signed up tonight to this forum right?

10:28 PM Irishjim i think its funny KUATO finally broke down and joined her

10:28 PM hf101 LOL

10:28 PM canoli who gives a fk what kumquat thinks about anything?

10:27 PM Vanflyer PFD- you are correct. I just wonder what satisfaction there is in that.

10:27 PM AbelMorpheus second that

10:27 PM canoli oh please let's not even talk about him

10:27 PM Vanflyer HF- What do you think?

10:27 PM PhilsFanDrew he just takes the opposite side just to debate

10:27 PM PhilsFanDrew Kuato is a contrarian

10:27 PM hf101 that would be a FIRST

10:26 PM hf101 Kuato agreed you were right?

10:26 PM Vanflyer Canoli- I had a fight with Kuato about the finance side of things. But I broke down some of those high price signings. Hartnell, Kimmo, Briere, Lupul, Richards. The first four are having career years.

10:25 PM AbelMorpheus So do we sit Marshall and Bourdon when Lilja and Gus come back? Or keep Bourdon and add only Gus?

10:25 PM PhilsFanDrew he is a great at evaluating talent he is just a poor negotiator

10:25 PM hf101 lol

10:25 PM canoli lol

10:25 PM Illflyaway Illflyaway has left the room

10:25 PM 926 926 has left the room

10:24 PM canoli they have, they really have. He can't negotiate for sh!t but he can pick em

10:24 PM canoli I have to. The guy has an eye for talent no question

10:24 PM PhilsFanDrew Homer takes some abuse and some of it warranted but his undrafted free agent signings have been awesome

10:24 PM AbelMorpheus hf i'll check it out, thanks

10:24 PM hf101 thank homer!

10:24 PM canoli every one of them has really jumped into the game and excelled - from Zac to Harry, Read of course...Couturier playing top line

10:24 PM Vincent05 l8r guys

10:24 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has left the room

10:23 PM Vincent05 another big game sat vs Bs, see u all then

10:23 PM canoli As much as we've been cursed by injuries so far we've been blessed by our rookies

10:23 PM hf101 abel, digity has a link to whatch 24/7 on the announcements on the shoutbox....he just asks you not to share it.

10:22 PM canoli would not be denied.

10:22 PM Leach27 At worst we'll get a rental at the deadline

10:22 PM canoli that goal he scored was serious effort

10:22 PM AbelMorpheus amen

10:22 PM canoli his best game so far, and they've all been good

10:22 PM canoli he did

10:22 PM AbelMorpheus Yeah Canoli I was suprised

10:22 PM Leach27 I forgot about foot surgery, and hand surgery, opps

10:22 PM PhilsFanDrew Harry earned the time

10:21 PM canoli yeah that was pretty impressive by Lavy, putting Harry out on that last PK

10:21 PM AbelMorpheus Wish I had HBO this has got to be fun to watch.

10:21 PM Vincent05 wow flyers 12-4-1 without pronger this year, amazing compare to last year

10:21 PM Vanflyer Leach- He has only played 13 games. So it should be 4.5 million (85% of his full salary)- approximately.

10:20 PM AbelMorpheus Coots lookin' strong and Harry Z out at the end on the pk. Wow!

10:20 PM PhilsFanDrew Shelley's face looks like an old beat up catchers mitt

10:20 PM Mad Dog Mad Dog has left the room

10:19 PM Leach27 and a virus

10:19 PM Leach27 there's nothing left on him to go, knee's, wrist, back, eye, head.

10:19 PM PhilsFanDrew If your work offers you more than you are worth you are still going to take the money

10:19 PM 926 926 has entered the room

10:19 PM Illflyaway Illflyaway has entered the room

10:19 PM PhilsFanDrew Shelley is doing what we all would do

10:18 PM Leach27 He might have to retire

10:18 PM Vincent05 he can get hit with the puck in the press box, out for year with crack skull

10:18 PM Irishjim his hit is 4.9

10:18 PM PhilsFanDrew blame Homer for that debacle

10:18 PM PhilsFanDrew you know what though don't hate on Shelley

10:18 PM AbelMorpheus Damn, LA won? There goes 25 tokens.

10:18 PM Leach27 cap space

10:18 PM Leach27 how much cap will we have with pronger on ltir? anyone know

10:18 PM Vanflyer HF- I did not take the full 50. Columbus has been playing better. I got 25.

10:17 PM PhilsFanDrew priceless

10:17 PM PhilsFanDrew Vince great haha

10:17 PM Irishjim there ya go vince give it to shelly

10:17 PM Vanflyer RE: Talbot, I think it is interesting when players go to certain teams and just fit like a glove. Its clear that is the situation with Talbot.

10:17 PM hf101 lol

10:17 PM Vincent05 give shelley the C

10:17 PM Leach27 flyers 2nd in the league with 43 pts

10:16 PM hf101 i won 60 tokens on LA

10:16 PM PhilsFanDrew with good rapport in the locker room and with the media and fans

10:16 PM PhilsFanDrew not a prolific scorer but a character guy

10:16 PM Irishjim the "C" is jinxed just roll with 3 "A"s

10:16 PM canoli Yep, even with the 3-goal 2nd, good performance from Bob

10:16 PM PhilsFanDrew Talbot as captain would remind me when the Caps made Chris Clark captain

10:16 PM Vanflyer (John Stevens gets his first win)

10:16 PM canoli he could score 20+ this year - something he's never come close to

10:16 PM Vanflyer Where is idaho so I can rub in the LA over Columbus victory?

10:16 PM PhilsFanDrew Talbot is well liked by everyone

10:16 PM Vincent05 great performance by bob

10:16 PM roo28 roo28 has left the room

10:16 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has left the room

10:15 PM hf101 Talbot would make a good captain

10:15 PM Mad Dog nice performance by Bob too.

10:15 PM PhilsFanDrew Tyler Kennedy is scrappy little player too but he is a little rat faced goof

10:15 PM AbelMorpheus AbelMorpheus has entered the room

10:15 PM fishbulb fishbulb has left the room

10:15 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has left the room

10:14 PM canoli you know he's happy he moved East!

10:14 PM Vanflyer FG- agreed. He has a Lapperiere type of grit and heart.

10:14 PM PhilsFanDrew they signed Kennedy first and the Flyers made Talbot a nice offer

10:14 PM canoli he's got 9 goals in 30 games - had 8 all last year

10:14 PM MDFlyerFan MDFlyerFan has left the room

10:14 PM Lunatic Lunatic has left the room

10:13 PM Flyerguy i think talbot is my favorite new addition to the flyers

10:13 PM canoli can't believe I wanted to keep Powe over signing Talbot...

10:13 PM Vanflyer MD- the best part is we signed him for 4 (5 years)?

10:13 PM Mad Dog agree VF. Talbot is being nothing short of huge so far.

10:13 PM canoli Must've been - almost no doubt about it now that we see these guys, the way they're all playing for each other

10:13 PM hf101 maybe Talbot wanted to leave?

10:13 PM PhilsFanDrew I think it came down to Kennedy vs Talbot

10:13 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

10:12 PM Vanflyer How does Pitts let Talbot go? I never knew he was such a character and versatile player.

10:12 PM Vincent05 this team is like pit last year when they lost crosby and malkin

10:12 PM hf101 yep MD

10:12 PM canoli 4 games in a row for Simmonds

10:12 PM canoli Wayne kept his going though

10:12 PM Mad Dog i really start to think Richards and Carter were ruining the locker room.

10:12 PM canoli yeah, hell 6 games in a row is still pretty great for Harts

10:12 PM Flyerguy There's no I in TEAM

10:12 PM hf101 hartnell broke his scoring streak, thats right

10:12 PM canoli unbelievable difference isn't it MD? an actual T-E-A-M

10:11 PM Phillygrump Ha! Nice win.

10:11 PM Irishjim OLE OLE OLE OLE

10:11 PM canoli Sweet.

10:11 PM Flyerguy damn i wanted harts to score

10:11 PM Mad Dog the team is really playing like a team... what a contrast with the last season.

10:11 PM Irishjim take a DRINK

10:11 PM Leach27 that's it. get outta here habs

10:11 PM canoli 7 in a row - Jan. 2002 last 7-game win streak

10:11 PM brelic 7 in a row

10:11 PM Vincent05 oh crap for them

10:11 PM brelic sweet!

10:11 PM Irishjim OLE OLE OLE OLE

10:11 PM FlyersFan4Life winner winner chicken dinner

10:11 PM canoli YA!!

10:11 PM hf101 WIN!

10:11 PM canoli Briere with anohter critical FO win

10:10 PM FlyersFan4Life oley oley

10:10 PM Leach27 not for us brelic

10:10 PM brelic wow, that was a stupid play

10:10 PM Leach27 icing. lol

10:10 PM FlyersFan4Life booooooooooooooooooyah

10:10 PM hf101 exciting ending

10:10 PM Vincent05 agreed canoli

10:10 PM FlyersFan4Life wow

10:10 PM FlyersFan4Life 7 in a row

10:10 PM canoli wow Bob - awesome focus!

10:09 PM canoli good clear

10:09 PM canoli way to go Couts

10:09 PM Vanflyer ******* Canadien fans.

10:09 PM canoli One Minute

10:09 PM MDFlyerFan Empty net

10:09 PM Vincent05 empty net

10:09 PM hf101 some solid pressure by montreal

10:09 PM canoli great PK though

10:09 PM canoli Oh god - this late in a game? that borderline sh!t? Crap call

10:08 PM Vanflyer Talbot did grab him, but wow is that guy a pee wee skater.

10:08 PM FlyersFan4Life bob with a empty net goal ?

10:08 PM Mad Dog well, it's a penalty, but borderline at best.

10:08 PM canoli nah, not at all. It's okay to trip the puck carrier once in awhile apparently

10:08 PM canoli here we go...read tripped? no.

10:08 PM Irishjim how the F**kKKKKKKKK is that a penalty

10:07 PM canoli we all knew it was coming

10:07 PM Mad Dog oh Gawd

10:07 PM Lunatic IHMM!

10:07 PM Leach27 there's the mandatory penalty

10:07 PM canoli buncha fkn Bullshit

10:07 PM brelic right on cue

10:07 PM brelic of course

10:07 PM hf101 talbot penalty

10:07 PM canoli of course - there it is

10:07 PM Vincent05 there u go

10:07 PM Vanflyer Simmonds has been a pleasant surprise, as has Voracek. I thought Courierer was the jewel of the crown on the Carter trade and Schenn on Richards.

10:07 PM PhilsFanDrew ha

10:07 PM PhilsFanDrew hartnell

10:06 PM canoli goddamn you Lee - in the way

10:06 PM MDFlyerFan Like the way Simmonfs was digging at the net

10:06 PM PhilsFanDrew but they are having no trouble scoring and they are winning

10:06 PM canoli fighting hard in the crease - that looked good

10:06 PM Mad Dog lol

10:06 PM Irishjim hey jvr just got on camera

10:05 PM canoli well JVR was in the mix on that scrum!

10:05 PM PhilsFanDrew would i like to see JVR dominate and score more, sure

10:05 PM Vanflyer Can- I get it. I think we all expected he would bring his "PLAYOFF" game to the regular season.

10:05 PM Mad Dog yeah Canoli. a far cry from the last year playoffs.

10:05 PM hf101 hey digity, I've moved ahead of ya

10:05 PM PhilsFanDrew i try not to focus on who is scoring

10:05 PM canoli at least 1/game for crying out loud!

10:05 PM canoli i really hoped we'd see a lot of dominating shifts from him this year

10:05 PM canoli the way he was in the POs last year

10:04 PM canoli yeah I mean he was good - good enough. But far from dominant

10:04 PM Vanflyer I thought he had a fine game against the caps. He was overshadowed by Talbot and Voracek, but he had a good game.

10:04 PM canoli that's right HF - so maybe it is the groin still acting up

10:04 PM Irishjim and how far did i drop from # 2 i see a bunch of losses

10:04 PM Samifan time for a Jagr bomb

10:03 PM hf101 he just doesn't have the power in his stride this season

10:03 PM canoli i don't know I honestly can't remember the last good shift he had - maybe 1 or 2 in the caps game

10:03 PM Digityman rod - you are #1 in tokens as of right now

10:03 PM brelic kinda weird

10:03 PM Vanflyer Canoli- he is still producing. I agree he has not taken the next step like we thought and vanishes at times, but prior to being injured he was on pace for a 32 / 32 +15 season.

10:03 PM canoli early

10:03 PM Leach27 nyr losing

10:03 PM brelic i mean, he's on pace for a career high 57 pts, but he's a non-factor in most games

10:03 PM canoli oh that's right, yeah he was out for a bit

10:03 PM PhilsFanDrew yep HF

10:02 PM hf101 didn't JVR have a groin issue?

10:02 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

10:02 PM canoli absolutely MD - that's the word - doggin it

10:02 PM PhilsFanDrew yeah he was out for like 5 games

10:02 PM Vincent05 JVR is saving himself for the playoffs

10:02 PM canoli i don't think I remember him getting hurt this year - did he?

10:02 PM Mad Dog JVR is dogging it, Canoli... more often than not.

10:02 PM canoli from what? when?

10:02 PM PhilsFanDrew or at least not 100%

10:02 PM PhilsFanDrew i still think he is hurt

10:02 PM canoli season

10:02 PM canoli hate to keep raggin on JVR but he is really pissing me off this seaon

10:01 PM PhilsFanDrew how dare the Flyers get a PP in the 3rd with the lead

10:01 PM hf101 probably will last 10 sec

10:01 PM Lunatic Refs give and take

10:01 PM PhilsFanDrew uh oh Bettman is already getting ready to issue reprimands to these refs

10:01 PM Leach27 it can't be

10:01 PM MDFlyerFan Penalty on Mtl

10:01 PM canoli unreal...

10:01 PM Leach27 omg

10:01 PM hf101 pp

10:01 PM FlyersFan4Life wow flyers pp

10:01 PM canoli jvr useless again on the 4check

10:01 PM FlyersFan4Life i never can watch the last 5mins of game kinda superstitious

10:00 PM Vanflyer my feed is fine.

10:00 PM hf101 no

10:00 PM PhilsFanDrew seriously canoli eller was off by about 10 ft

09:59 PM FlyersFan4Life anyone else have trouble watching the 5mins of flyers game

09:59 PM canoli Look at that sh!t - anohter offside no call

09:59 PM MDFlyerFan You gotta be kidding? Hal Gill? Yeah, that's a laugh

09:59 PM Vanflyer Well- MD, you saw my posts regarding that. (gil / carle). Truthfully, Carle gets a bit too much whipping, especially recently. He is trading 24 minute nights with Coburn on a regular basis (instead of leaning on Kimmo).

09:59 PM Leach27 he might be done for good

09:59 PM canoli wtg Danny good FO win

09:59 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

09:58 PM Vincent05 we all piss leach but nothing can be done about it

09:58 PM Leach27 j/k

09:58 PM hf101 yeah, true,

09:58 PM Leach27 no he's banging yours vanflyer

09:58 PM Mad Dog MDFLyer -- there were some talks here about possibly trading Carle for Gill. I had to laugh it off.

09:58 PM PhilsFanDrew agree Canoli

09:58 PM canoli i think Lavy wanted to get Bryz going - lot of starts, that's what he needs

09:57 PM Vincent05 man this is sweet, team is still scoring like crazy. even without G

09:57 PM Lunatic I hope we can keep Bob

09:57 PM Vanflyer Leach- is he banging you wife?

09:57 PM MDFlyerFan MD: who wants Hal Gill?

09:57 PM hf101 kinda surprised bob didn't get any of those b to b games

09:57 PM Leach27 Am I allowed to be pissed about pronger

09:57 PM canoli hasn't played in a long time

09:57 PM canoli bob is sharp yep

09:56 PM Irishjim jewish ice tea

09:56 PM brelic montreal's putting the pressure on

09:56 PM Lunatic Bob looks good

09:56 PM MDFlyerFan Scrambling on D right now..

09:56 PM PhilsFanDrew PhilsFanDrew has entered the room

09:56 PM hf101 LOL MD

09:56 PM canoli fkn guy is playing the perimeter the whole damn game

09:56 PM canoli oh christ Riemsdyk DO SOMETHING willya?

09:56 PM Vanflyer Rosenbergs!!! (just remembered).

09:56 PM PhilsFanDrew PhilsFanDrew has left the room

09:55 PM Irishjim can't remember

09:55 PM Vanflyer MD- thank god a voice of reason regarding Carle.

09:55 PM canoli Vora just saved a goal by Gill

09:55 PM Vanflyer IJ- no, its in a brown carton. Locally made.

09:55 PM Mad Dog Carle with 3 assists. another huge night for him. and people want to trade him for Hal Gill??

09:54 PM Irishjim or brisk

09:54 PM Irishjim what ice tea Arizona

09:54 PM brelic kinda like read

09:54 PM brelic i think he was undrafted

09:54 PM Vanflyer Who is that Desjharnie dude? I have to go look him up. He is very good.

09:53 PM canoli you would think so right PFD? but they're so spoiled from all the home calls they get

09:53 PM Vanflyer IJ- there nice, but the krimpets are my fav. Especially with that one local ice tea (I forget).

09:53 PM canoli nice hit Matt Read

09:53 PM Mad Dog hahahaha

09:52 PM brelic bah, they're just passionate.. i prefer that to places where people don't give a sh!t about hockey

09:52 PM Vanflyer I heard it when my GF finished.

09:52 PM Irishjim peanutbutter kandykakes

09:52 PM Samifan has anyone heard that OLE OLE bullshit tonight?

09:52 PM PhilsFanDrew Habs fans should be less ignorant of the game yet they moan everytime one of their players hits the ice

09:52 PM Mad Dog man, this desharnais is a really nice player.

09:52 PM canoli little f@ggot montral fans screaming like girls for penalties. good god they should be embarrassed

09:52 PM Irishjim FG SHHHHHHHHH

09:51 PM Vanflyer Or jelly krimpets?

09:51 PM FlyersFan4Life i dont know they kept leades for just about 6games

09:51 PM Vincent05 jim

09:51 PM Vanflyer Irish Jim- did you get butterscotch krimpets?

09:51 PM PhilsFanDrew dude i hate Habs fans worse than Caps fans

09:51 PM Digityman Digityman has entered the room

09:51 PM Flyerguy they blow them

09:51 PM Flyerguy flyers don't keep leads

09:51 PM Flyerguy no

09:51 PM Irishjim vince tastycake time

09:51 PM brelic ok, keep the damn lead now

09:51 PM Flyerguy nice set up

09:51 PM canoli guaranfknteed

09:51 PM Flyerguy mez been recently good

09:51 PM Vanflyer Mesz just scored now!

09:51 PM canoli oh yeah you know that's coming Dog

09:51 PM Irishjim F cking Yeah BABY

09:50 PM PhilsFanDrew Little Happy Gilmore

09:50 PM PhilsFanDrew haha FF4L

09:50 PM Mad Dog time for teh refs to call another lame penalty

09:50 PM Leach27 lol

09:50 PM FlyersFan4Life the price is wrong bitch

09:50 PM Vanflyer My delay is about 20 seconds!

09:50 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

09:50 PM canoli Alight MEZ!! way to go - what a rocket

09:50 PM Leach27 hurrrayyy!

09:50 PM brelic NICE!

09:50 PM MDFlyerFan Sorry. Mez!

09:50 PM Vincent05 dude has a cannon

09:50 PM Mad Dog niiiice

09:50 PM FlyersFan4Life boooooooooooooooooom

09:49 PM Samifan MD@they're working hard? Are they working weekends and overtime as well (old SNL skit with George W)

09:48 PM brelic PFD, yeah

09:48 PM Vanflyer Well, just MHO. You can see how one would read that. I want the two BLACK guys to fight.

09:48 PM PhilsFanDrew it might not be politically correct but i wouldn't consider it racist

09:48 PM Irishjim VAn he's just quoting McNabb vs Owens

09:48 PM MDFlyerFan Bettina said the league is working hard to protect players

09:48 PM PhilsFanDrew how is it racist?

09:47 PM Mad Dog i thought there is no censorship too.

09:47 PM canoli missed it too

09:47 PM Vanflyer PFD- that is a very racist thing to say. Just saying.

09:47 PM PhilsFanDrew brelic from the Corey Perry elbow right?

09:47 PM Samifan did anyone hear what Buttman said about all the concussions. i missed it

09:47 PM hf101 was before google

09:47 PM canoli like to see Harts get the GW - make it 7 in a row!

09:47 PM Irishjim PFD you stole my McNabb qoute

09:47 PM brelic missed 5 games in january 2009 to concussion

09:47 PM Vanflyer I thought this was a R rated forum.

09:47 PM hf101 ahhF**k

09:47 PM Vanflyer I think we are pissed and our lines have been too scrambled because of all the PK.

09:47 PM PhilsFanDrew little black on black crime

09:47 PM canoli worst barn in the league for home calls

09:47 PM HagFlyFan 16 HagFlyFan 16 has left the room

09:46 PM PhilsFanDrew I really wanna see Simmonds throw hands with Subban

09:46 PM hf101 ahF**k, ohshit,

09:46 PM roo28 roo28 has entered the room

09:46 PM canoli it's the bell ctr - usual crap

09:46 PM Vanflyer Canoli- thats what his BF says too!

09:46 PM PhilsFanDrew darche is a douche

09:46 PM brelic we;re looking a bit scattered

09:46 PM Irishjim sami just curse, like this f**k, sh!t balls pu$$y

09:45 PM canoli frkkn darsh drops his stick at every touch

09:45 PM Samifan i was hoping it was his first

09:45 PM Vanflyer HF- agreed. I did a bit of reffing in some beer leagues and would NEVER call that. If the player was to loosy goosy on his stick and another guy just knocked it out- shame on him.

09:45 PM Samifan @@%#

09:45 PM Vincent05 they need to stop the penalties so the 1st line can be out more

09:45 PM brelic a few years ago i think

09:45 PM brelic sami yes

09:45 PM Mad Dog this was no slash.

09:45 PM PhilsFanDrew I was taught to keep a firm grip on a hockey stick. Not super tight but on a scale of 1-10, about a 7

09:45 PM canoli feels like we're playing the Pens

09:45 PM Mad Dog no kidding canoli

09:45 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has left the room

09:45 PM Samifan @brelic- G has been concussed before?

09:44 PM canoli some real sh!t calls tonight

09:44 PM canoli canoli has entered the room

09:44 PM hf101 I think that works for non serious hockey as well, van

09:44 PM Stuff Stuff has entered the room

09:44 PM SKiFit SKiFit has left the room

09:43 PM brelic yes he has

09:43 PM hf101 first time to the game chat grump?

09:43 PM Vanflyer You know when I played serious hockey- I was taught to keep a tight grip on my stick. Other players would always try and knock your stick out of the hands.

09:43 PM HagFlyFan 16 HagFlyFan 16 has entered the room

09:43 PM Samifan anyone know if G-Roo has ever had a concusion before?

09:42 PM Phillygrump This is awesome.

09:42 PM brelic that's three PKs that Coots can't help out with

09:42 PM Mad Dog lame

09:42 PM PhilsFanDrew it was my grandmother could hold a stick firmer than Darche

09:42 PM Mad Dog that's no slash...

09:42 PM Vanflyer Thats a bullshit call.

09:42 PM Lunatic Lunatic has entered the room

09:42 PM Irishjim ferrao is saying thats a weak slash

09:42 PM PhilsFanDrew 2 mins for limp hand on stick

09:41 PM Samifan hextall is not playing. still rehabing from back surgery. he will take the "ambassador" spot that bernie had before he decided to play

09:41 PM Mad Dog f**k

09:41 PM hf101 lazy stick

09:41 PM PhilsFanDrew slashing

09:41 PM Mad Dog what is the penalty for??

09:41 PM hf101 can't do that....no discipline

09:41 PM brelic coots again?

09:41 PM Flyerguy how would we get him under the cap

09:41 PM Irishjim WTF another penalty

09:41 PM Vanflyer That desharnie (sp) is a nice player.

09:41 PM Flyerguy WEBER

09:41 PM brelic another penalty???????????

09:41 PM hf101 Hextall isn't playing I believe

09:41 PM Flyerguy ugh

09:41 PM Leach27 let the trade rumors begin

09:41 PM PhilsFanDrew they should lock him and sestito in a room and whoever comes out alive wins a roster spot

09:40 PM Leach27 just got in. terrible news about pronger.

09:40 PM brelic 1:12 TOI

09:40 PM brelic me too

09:40 PM Vanflyer hextall is going to be at the Winter Classic?

09:40 PM Flyerguy my man

09:40 PM hf101 oh, shelley is playing this game

09:40 PM Flyerguy shelly

09:40 PM PhilsFanDrew ha first time i heard jody shelley's name

09:40 PM Leach27 Leach27 has entered the room

09:40 PM MDFlyerFan MDFlyerFan has entered the room

09:39 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

09:38 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has entered the room

09:38 PM hf101 yeah, that is why I picked them

09:38 PM PhilsFanDrew minus the playoffs hasn't the bell centre been a house of horrors for the flyers

09:38 PM Flyerguy :0

09:38 PM hf101

09:37 PM hf101 I picked montreal

09:37 PM Vanflyer (joking)

09:37 PM Flyerguy lol

09:37 PM PhilsFanDrew ha

09:37 PM hf101 LA 2 Columbus 1 Final

09:37 PM Vanflyer PFD- you too.

09:37 PM Vanflyer Shut up FG- keep the faith!

09:37 PM PhilsFanDrew me too flyer

09:37 PM Flyerguy bad feeling about this game

09:37 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

09:37 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has left the room

09:37 PM Irishjim 101 shhhhhhhhh

09:36 PM hf101 Flyers haven't won 7 games in a row in nearly a decade

09:36 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

09:36 PM Vanflyer It showed up now.

09:35 PM brelic hmm, my iphone post didn't show up

09:35 PM Vanflyer Brelic- you are good.

09:35 PM brelic test

09:35 PM OH1FlyersFan OH1FlyersFan has left the room

09:34 PM Vanflyer (meant Yo- not You).

09:33 PM Digityman Digityman has left the room

09:33 PM SKiFit SKiFit has entered the room

09:33 PM Vanflyer You OH1- How are things?

09:33 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

09:32 PM Vanflyer @PFD- I did not see the first, but from the second- you seem to be watching a different game than I am.

09:32 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has left the room

09:32 PM Lunatic Lunatic has left the room

09:31 PM OH1FlyersFan Yeah, 3-3.....Flyers 3, Montreal 1, and refs 2.

09:31 PM brelic Oh didn't see the stick. Thought Jags tripped over the body

09:30 PM OH1FlyersFan OH1FlyersFan has entered the room

09:30 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

09:29 PM Vanflyer @Brelic- lets think of it this way: when a forward has a breakaway and the defender dives to try and get him and does not hit the puck first but trips the forward with his stick, it is a penalty. Same thing here: the defender did not make a play on the puck and tripped Jagr (the latter more blatant than the former).

09:28 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

09:28 PM JRantajoki JRantajoki has left the room

09:27 PM bildo bildo has left the room

09:26 PM Lunatic Lunatic has entered the room

09:26 PM Vanflyer PFD- Not so sure about that because their (mon) second goal had interfence written all over it as they pushed the Flyer defender into Bobs.

09:24 PM MDFlyerFan MDFlyerFan has left the room

09:23 PM PhilsFanDrew their no goal should have counted they are lucky that Rinaldo didn't get called for interference on Z's goal

09:23 PM Flyerguy i lefted and now its 3-3 ?

09:23 PM PhilsFanDrew we are actually fortunate to be tied

09:23 PM canoli canoli has left the room

09:22 PM brelic Van, i don't know, i'd have to see it again, but when it first happened, my reaction wasn't that it should have been a penalty

09:22 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

09:22 PM PhilsFanDrew and careless stick penalties (high sticking)

09:21 PM Vanflyer For those that are under 18- sorry for the F-bombs.

09:21 PM PhilsFanDrew its the lazy stick penalties that bother me

09:21 PM Vanflyer Brelic are you kidding me?? He was making a hockey play and made the cut and the defender fell down into him!!! Whether intentional or not, when a forward is making a move and the other guy falls down and trips the offensive player- its a penalty.

09:21 PM PhilsFanDrew some penalties you are just going to get called on for physical play and effort

09:21 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has left the room

09:20 PM PhilsFanDrew I don't mind hustle penalties

09:20 PM Vincent05 be back for 3rd, dinner time

09:20 PM JRantajoki yes like last 30 years

09:20 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

09:19 PM brelic but our team has a serious problem with discipline

09:19 PM hf101 2-1 LA

09:19 PM Vanflyer See- that how good those French-Canadian girls are in bed.

09:19 PM Vincent05 they better play a disciipline 3rd per

09:19 PM DaGreatGazoo He shuld. Awful period by zebras.

09:19 PM JRantajoki JRantajoki has entered the room

09:19 PM Digityman someone said it already but the next episode of 24/7 should be great with this game

09:19 PM MDFlyerFan Whoops...4 on 4 start the third period

09:19 PM brelic i don't think jagr was tripped... jagr decided to cut to the middle over a sprawling body

09:18 PM PhilsFanDrew hear

09:18 PM hf101 some choice words from lavy to the officials

09:18 PM PhilsFanDrew har

09:18 PM Phillygrump One period left to win.

09:18 PM PhilsFanDrew can't wait to here all of what Lavy is saying on 24/7 next week

09:18 PM Phillygrump Lavvy is all over them. Good.

09:18 PM Vanflyer but Brelic- who gives a f**k on the Coots slash. That would have never have happened if the whistle is called on the Jagr trip!

09:18 PM brelic this was getting stupid

09:18 PM brelic good

09:18 PM MDFlyerFan 4-

09:18 PM DaGreatGazoo Ha ha.

09:18 PM hf101 haha pp over

09:18 PM PhilsFanDrew PP over

09:18 PM FlyersFan4Life hey look make up call

09:18 PM PhilsFanDrew good

09:17 PM Phillygrump you're right brelic, but how do you catch that and miss a blatant trip that busted up a 2 on 1

09:17 PM FlyersFan4Life that was not intentional

09:17 PM Vanflyer That non call on Jagr is horrible.

09:17 PM MDFlyerFan Wtf

09:17 PM Vanflyer Lavy should be pissed!

09:17 PM brelic oh for f**k sakes

09:17 PM FlyersFan4Life another pp

09:17 PM Vincent05 f**k anothe penalty

09:17 PM MDFlyerFan Another call?

09:16 PM brelic seriously, though, that was a textbook slash that coots did.. and he did it twice!

09:16 PM FlyersFan4Life lavy is pissed

09:16 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

09:16 PM Phillygrump What a gift.

09:16 PM MDFlyerFan Wasnt a kicking motion

09:15 PM Phillygrump Well, if they were upset about the waved off goal, they got it back in a big way.

09:15 PM PhilsFanDrew they will give them that since they blew the earlier no goal

09:15 PM DaGreatGazoo Good

09:15 PM brelic it will count though

09:15 PM MDFlyerFan Under review?

09:15 PM FlyersFan4Life please

09:15 PM FlyersFan4Life no goal

09:15 PM DaGreatGazoo Horrible.

09:15 PM Vanflyer PG- that one was BULLSHIT.

09:15 PM brelic kicked it in

09:15 PM Phillygrump Come on.

09:14 PM PhilsFanDrew bound to get burned

09:14 PM PhilsFanDrew way too many penalties

09:14 PM Phillygrump Jagr gets tripped directly disrupting a 2 on 1 and they do nothing and then Flyers get called for a slash that disrupts nothing.

09:14 PM brelic 15 ******* seconds left

09:14 PM Vanflyer How is that not a ******* penalty. I did not know it was legal to slide on the ice and take another players legs out without a penalty.

09:14 PM FlyersFan4Life F**kign refs

09:14 PM DaGreatGazoo f**k!

09:14 PM MDFlyerFan Damn. That was quick

09:14 PM PhilsFanDrew you gotta be kidding me

09:14 PM FlyersFan4Life ******* bob

09:14 PM Vincent05 6 pp for the habs, ridiculous

09:13 PM brelic coots not having a good game

09:13 PM Phillygrump That was BS.

09:13 PM brelic well, couturier kinda made it hard not to call

09:13 PM DaGreatGazoo ******* homecooking call

09:13 PM Vanflyer Wow!!

09:13 PM FlyersFan4Life jagr tripped no call

09:13 PM Vanflyer Leino is the guy that is out indefinitely (or for weeks according to Lindy on the Rough).

09:13 PM Irishjim can are guys stop falling on bob

09:13 PM MDFlyerFan It was a wild game down here! His puck control behind the net was incredible. Worked his ass off. Simmons reminds me a little of Tocchet.. Tough with a scoring touch. Just wish he scored more

09:13 PM FlyersFan4Life again

09:12 PM brelic wtf are we getting a penalty for?

09:12 PM Phillygrump Penalty on Philly?

09:12 PM Phillygrump Are you kidding?

09:12 PM PhilsFanDrew Vincent: similar skill set, Voracek is better

09:12 PM brelic i meant groove

09:12 PM brelic whoa, what the hell's a grollove?

09:12 PM Vanflyer I really like Simmonds too. It is interesting to see how all the pieces are starting to fit.

09:11 PM Vincent05 Leino can't be compare to voracek

09:11 PM PhilsFanDrew Buffalo would like to know too Irish

09:11 PM brelic *lull

09:11 PM brelic simmonds has found his grollove again after a lu

09:11 PM Irishjim who's leino

09:11 PM PhilsFanDrew basically a bigger, stronger, faster, more talented version of Leino

09:11 PM brelic nice late period goal

09:11 PM Vanflyer MDF- Voracek is becoming one of my fav Flyers. Slow to start the year, but he has allot of skill and size.

09:11 PM DaGreatGazoo Vorachek is really stepping up.

09:11 PM Irishjim o thats righ MD you were at the caps game. man you saw one hell of a game

09:11 PM PhilsFanDrew great passer

09:11 PM PhilsFanDrew hard worker on the boards and protects the puck well.

09:10 PM PhilsFanDrew I like Voracek a lot

09:10 PM Vincent05 that's what we need to do more, crash the crease

09:10 PM FlyersFan4Life simmonds the new and improved claude grioux

09:10 PM Irishjim my brother from another mother

09:10 PM MDFlyerFan What does everyone think of Voracek(spelling)? Saw him in DC the other night for the first time...impressive. GOAL!

09:10 PM brelic sweet!!

09:10 PM Irishjim SWEET

09:10 PM DaGreatGazoo f**k yeah

09:09 PM Vanflyer PFD- I liked their movement. The cross center pass through the circles freaks me out a bit, but it connecting.

09:09 PM FlyersFan4Life sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

09:09 PM PhilsFanDrew SIMMER!

09:09 PM Vincent05 Simmonds

09:09 PM Phillygrump Yeahyeah

09:09 PM hf101 simmonds

09:09 PM FlyersFan4Life wanye simmonds

09:09 PM hf101 LA 1- Columbus -1

09:09 PM PhilsFanDrew get traffic and get shots on net

09:09 PM PhilsFanDrew too many guys trying to emulate Giroux

09:09 PM Vanflyer I am really starting to like Voracek allot!

09:09 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has left the room

09:08 PM PhilsFanDrew need to simplify the PP

09:08 PM Vanflyer close FF3L (on Briere!)

09:07 PM Vanflyer oops- hooked on phonics again: here.

09:07 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

09:07 PM Vanflyer Hear we go boys.

09:07 PM MDFlyerFan Love it even more when they. PO when they're called for a tripping or hooking minor

09:06 PM Vincent05 2nd unit needs to get going

09:06 PM PhilsFanDrew oh ok

09:06 PM FlyersFan4Life i say danny boy gets a goal

09:06 PM Vanflyer NP PFD. The feed from Washington was much better (maybe HD).

09:06 PM PhilsFanDrew I'm watching in HD

09:06 PM Vincent05 PP, we need to score

09:06 PM FlyersFan4Life pp coming

09:06 PM Vanflyer agree MDFF.

09:05 PM PhilsFanDrew its cool Van, totally different watching through an internet feed

09:05 PM MDFlyerFan Can't stand Montreal fans. Every time one of their plays falls or gets hit they scream for a penalty... Goofs!

09:05 PM Irishjim yes

09:05 PM Vanflyer Is it very well or very good? I always get that backwards.

09:04 PM Vanflyer PFD- on the back side, it looked like it hit Bobs- especially the way he reacted.

09:04 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

09:03 PM Vanflyer Okay- my bad then. If you all say he is playing very well, I will trust that. Took me a period to get the ******* feed.

09:03 PM PhilsFanDrew it hit someone in the slot and dribbled right on LeBlanc's stick

09:03 PM Flyers72 Flyers72 has entered the room

09:03 PM Irishjim remember they tend to go soft in the third period

09:03 PM Vanflyer I watched the goalie backside replay and it looked liked it hit him.

09:03 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has entered the room

09:02 PM PhilsFanDrew he had no chance on that last one

09:02 PM canoli wow Timmonen - what a smart player

09:02 PM PhilsFanDrew the puck got tipped before it even got to him

09:02 PM brelic great play by timo

09:02 PM MDFlyerFan Bob's been pretty tough, especially on the 5 on 3

09:02 PM PhilsFanDrew wasn't a rebound

09:02 PM brelic just like TB

09:02 PM brelic they're a mediocre team

09:02 PM brelic why does montreal always give us trouble?

09:02 PM Vanflyer Well, I came late. So- that last goal was bad. Horrible rebound.

09:01 PM PhilsFanDrew Bob has been awesome what game are you watching?

09:01 PM PhilsFanDrew what Van?

09:01 PM Vanflyer Bobs is a bit shakey tonight.

09:01 PM FlyersFan4Life god i hate white people tonight just habs fans that is

09:01 PM Vanflyer Vincent. JVR only. Suter is UFA.

09:01 PM Irishjim here come the f cking OLE OLE"S

09:01 PM DaGreatGazoo They r french?

09:01 PM HeCanDazzle HeCanDazzle has left the room

09:00 PM DaGreatGazoo Life

09:00 PM Phillygrump Their boyfriends make them dress that way

09:00 PM canoli bob has had a great game, got burned there

09:00 PM Phillygrump lucky bounce

09:00 PM FlyersFan4Life why do all habs fans look gay

09:00 PM canoli fk me. lucky bounce

09:00 PM Irishjim @gazoo yes they do

08:59 PM hf101 montreal score

08:59 PM Irishjim is PK Subban even playing haven't heard his name, noticed a man of color in a habs jersey like once

08:59 PM DaGreatGazoo Daily BJ's. Relieve pressure.

08:59 PM Vanflyer Not to be the consumate JVR protector, he did have a nice game against Washington.

08:59 PM Vincent05 JVR, 1st and prospect on Phantoms for suter?

08:58 PM FlyersFan4Life i remember he worked with a trainer of some sorts

08:58 PM PhilsFanDrew i am thinking of someone else

08:58 PM PhilsFanDrew that might be it brelic

08:58 PM brelic FF4L, didn't he get some sort of plasma treatment?

08:58 PM jackhole jackhole has left the room

08:57 PM canoli jvr needs to find that Passion Lavy was talking about

08:57 PM Digityman that's it...hmm

08:57 PM PhilsFanDrew botox in the neck flyers

08:57 PM brelic trade carle for a backup

08:57 PM Vincent05 suter makes 3.5

08:57 PM FlyersFan4Life i forget what treatment did gags have that helped him get better

08:57 PM Digityman prongers money + JVR = Sutter?

08:57 PM brelic carle

08:57 PM Vanflyer Brelic- I would do it too, but you need to dump another 3.5++ m in salary.

08:56 PM MDFlyerFan MDFlyerFan has entered the room

08:56 PM Digityman Carter 1 Richards 0

08:56 PM Vincent05 I would do that FFL

08:56 PM canoli he went to the net on the 1st goal - Voracek's - maybe helped free up some space

08:56 PM Vanflyer I did not even notice, but Jagr has the C??

08:56 PM brelic i would trade him for suter in a second

08:56 PM HeCanDazzle HeCanDazzle has entered the room

08:56 PM DaGreatGazoo Haven't. Ugh.

08:55 PM FlyersFan4Life jvr trade baite for sutter

08:55 PM DaGreatGazoo I hasn't heard his name yet?

08:55 PM canoli mr invisible once again

08:55 PM Vanflyer As much as it pains me, that is a good question. I always go to the mat with him, but ....

08:55 PM canoli jvr is ... "playing" - yeah

08:55 PM FlyersFan4Life who knows jvr should be on the 1st line but he is getting out worked by 19 yr old

08:54 PM brelic *question

08:54 PM brelic DGG, great questions

08:54 PM Vanflyer Courtierer- nice play!

08:54 PM DaGreatGazoo Is jvr even playing ???

08:54 PM Vanflyer Thanks for the links guys. FirstRow still does not work, but the other two do. I will post later. I have about 5 links (if you can put up with all the ads.

08:54 PM brelic Van, is the 'van' for vancouver?

08:54 PM hf101 lol, Jim.....

08:54 PM FlyersFan4Life is jvr ever going to show up

08:54 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has entered the room

08:53 PM Vanflyer Brelic- same. But I am not going to say a player should or should not play at the NHL level after 6 games.

08:53 PM brelic i wonder if any team has ever won a cup with 7 rookies in the lineup

08:53 PM Irishjim "We came alone" WTF

08:52 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

08:52 PM Vincent05 if he was, u guys would not enjoy the game

08:52 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has left the room

08:51 PM brelic hey, he may turn out awesome, he may be a bust, but i just want to see him play

08:51 PM Vanflyer I am surprised he is not hear to chat with all live and watch the game together. (snickers)

08:51 PM Irishjim and were's kuato and the constant we comments

08:51 PM Vanflyer Me too Brelic. Had some huge wars with Kuato regarding Schenn on the other place.

08:51 PM Irishjim i was expecting habsguy26 to be in here tonight

08:51 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

08:50 PM Vincent05 Bob is sharp tonight for not playing alot lately

08:50 PM brelic i feel for the kid.. must really be frustrating

08:50 PM Irishjim its the youtube vid in the post correct

08:50 PM Vincent05 me too bre, wanna see him play with Jagr

08:49 PM brelic sorry FG

08:48 PM brelic ugh

08:48 PM brelic penalty?

08:48 PM Flyerguy stop bringing up pronger. It makes me sad

08:48 PM Irishjim i wanna watch 24/7 after the game anything i need to know other than don't share

08:48 PM brelic and giroux out now

08:48 PM Flyerguy FFFFFFF

08:48 PM Flyerguy seen parts

08:48 PM brelic really really sucks that pronger is not part of it

08:48 PM brelic haven't watched it yet

08:48 PM brelic was the first episode good?

08:47 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

08:47 PM Flyerguy rangers going look bad on hbo

08:47 PM Flyerguy hehe

08:47 PM brelic good

08:47 PM Vincent05 rangers losing 2-0

08:47 PM Irishjim at least bnetts was good on faceoffs

08:47 PM brelic and his shoulders were already shot then

08:47 PM DaGreatGazoo I will strt a tastycake shipping business. But it will cost u guys!

08:47 PM brelic he was good the first year we got him, but that's it

08:47 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

08:46 PM brelic and betts, ugh

08:46 PM Irishjim vince i'm spreading them out. like a fine whiskey

08:46 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has entered the room

08:46 PM Irishjim and the stash

08:46 PM Vincent05 was only joking, just enjoy them lol

08:45 PM brelic powe and nodl, see ya!

08:45 PM brelic lol jim, no i don't!

08:45 PM Irishjim thats what i do. gotta make them last

08:45 PM brelic c'mon simmonds

08:45 PM Vanflyer PP

08:45 PM Vanflyer That whole play was blown at the end of the PK.

08:45 PM Irishjim don't you miss the powe show

08:44 PM Vincent05 u should only get to eat it only when flyers score jim

08:44 PM brelic our 4th line is so much better than last year

08:44 PM Mad Dog a good hustle guy

08:44 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

08:44 PM PhilsFanDrew really deserved that goal

08:44 PM Vincent05 lol, yw

08:44 PM PhilsFanDrew nice cheap energy guy

08:44 PM Irishjim YEAH BABY and i get a tstycake thakes to vince

08:44 PM DaGreatGazoo He he

08:44 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has left the room

08:43 PM brelic nice!

08:43 PM PhilsFanDrew I love Harry Z

08:43 PM FlyersFan4Life zzzzz man

08:43 PM Vanflyer WTF was that?? Who lost the check on Desharine?

08:43 PM Digityman

08:43 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has entered the room

08:43 PM fishbulb Nice!!

08:43 PM Vincent05 Harry Z

08:43 PM DaGreatGazoo f**k yeah

08:43 PM hf101 flyers score, ZZZZZZZZZZ

08:43 PM PhilsFanDrew Harry Z

08:43 PM fishbulb Was a shitshow in the crease

08:43 PM fishbulb Who didn't?

08:43 PM Irishjim who fell on bob

08:43 PM brelic or was it read?

08:43 PM Vanflyer Vanflyer has entered the room

08:43 PM brelic couturier totally blew that

08:42 PM DaGreatGazoo Cmon. I can't say f**k on a goal against

08:42 PM Flyerguy ole ole ole!!

08:42 PM hf101 wtf, digity, that worked two days ago?

08:42 PM brelic the dude is like 5"2

08:42 PM Irishjim that sucked, wait for the ole ole

08:42 PM Vincent05 he had all day

08:42 PM PhilsFanDrew nice

08:42 PM fishbulb uh... wtf was that sh!t?

08:42 PM PhilsFanDrew nick pick Cole

08:42 PM hf101 aF**k

08:42 PM Vincent05 wtf, guys skates in front uncheck

08:42 PM DaGreatGazoo f**k

08:42 PM hf101 score for montreal

08:42 PM hf101 ha


08:41 PM DaGreatGazoo Gazoo helmets. I'll be rich!

08:41 PM Digityman hooking and grabbing!

08:41 PM Digityman bring back pre-lockout

08:41 PM brelic that would be awesome!

08:41 PM brelic or wear a marshmallow man suit

08:41 PM hf101 lol jim

08:41 PM Digityman there you go jim

08:41 PM Irishjim make everyone wear double-runners so the skate slower

08:41 PM DaGreatGazoo WTF. Sorry guys.

08:41 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has left the room

08:40 PM Vincent05 either loss revenue or key players, pick your poison

08:40 PM brelic *revenue

08:40 PM brelic they can still widen the rinks, but teams have to accept loss of revenus, and cost to widen

08:40 PM hf101 ha, yep!

08:39 PM DaGreatGazoo Missed boat on bigger rinks. Shoulda done it 10 yrs ago before all new rinks built.

08:39 PM brelic if we win the cup, i think he would

08:39 PM Vincent05 lol, I said perfect for us does not mean he would

08:39 PM Irishjim do goalies know there are straps on the helmuts

08:39 PM hf101 would you?

08:39 PM hf101 why would timo give up that money?

08:39 PM brelic LeBlanc.. that sounds like a name from my area

08:39 PM Irishjim no bigger rinks its the ice capades

08:39 PM wcflyer wcflyer has left the room

08:38 PM Flyerguy Sad day for the flyers

08:38 PM hf101 nope!

08:38 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

08:38 PM hf101 the league needs to make the ice rinks olympic sized

08:38 PM Vincent05 not if he retires hf, all his cap hit comes off

08:38 PM brelic would take out a few rows of seats though

08:38 PM hf101 he would have to be bought out vince....a waste of money....we get alot more value with Timo playing

08:38 PM LeafSuck16 LeafSuck16 has left the room

08:37 PM brelic bigger rinks is probably a good solution

08:37 PM Vincent05 maybe name Shelley so he can sit for the year? lol

08:37 PM Irishjim @brelic and its the ugliest 11-1-1 i've ever seen

08:37 PM DaGreatGazoo Big picture. WTF does the league say/do. This is a marketing nightmare. And luck or not. Look at nea injured with concussions right now.

08:37 PM brelic don't ever name another captain

08:37 PM Irishjim timmo stays he's the new desjardine

08:37 PM idahophilly idahophilly has left the room

08:36 PM brelic that's more like it

08:36 PM brelic .918 save %

08:36 PM Vincent05 Yea hf, that's why I said would be perfect

08:36 PM brelic wow, bryz is 11-1-1 in his last 14 starts

08:36 PM hf101 Timo has one more year on his contract vince

08:36 PM phlfly but if Pronger is done forever then weber will be in 7 mil range for 10 years

08:36 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has entered the room

08:36 PM Irishjim keep an eye on hall gill is this game.

08:36 PM wcflyer wcflyer has entered the room

08:35 PM Vincent05 would be perfect if timmo retires after this year, gives us cap to go for suter if he goes to FA

08:35 PM DaGreatGazoo No way we afford him Fly.

08:35 PM brelic weber will be too expensive, imo

08:35 PM PhilsFanDrew I would try not to move a D-man in a deal because then it sort of waters down the impact of adding a #1 dman

08:35 PM phlfly \

08:35 PM phlfly in off season

08:35 PM phlfly they should keep and no trades at all, just wait until end of season, Weber will be available

08:34 PM brelic yeah, i would move timo for the right defenseman even though i love everything about timo's game

08:34 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has entered the room

08:34 PM PhilsFanDrew given what little he is likely to produce in the next two season

08:34 PM canoli $7 mil

08:33 PM DaGreatGazoo Nmc's just killed us. Top 5 salaries for is all have them. I think.

08:33 PM PhilsFanDrew Schenn's cap hit is too high for this team

08:33 PM brelic weber isn't yet, and who knows what he will want

08:33 PM phlfly danny and timmo and we end uop with same thing, nothing

08:33 PM brelic but doughty is already signed long term

08:33 PM Vincent05 move danny and timmo to rebuild the d?

08:33 PM canoli Bob is the obvious choice + whoever

08:33 PM brelic though I covet goaltenders as much as defensemen

08:33 PM PhilsFanDrew JVR is still playing hurt IMO

08:33 PM brelic Bob is a good trading chip

08:33 PM fishbulb Doesn't Doughty have concussion issues right now? I'd take Weber

08:33 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has left the room

08:32 PM canoli JVR is what he is - not overly impressive imo and never will be, except for a few games at a time

08:32 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

08:32 PM Vincent05 danny and timmo*

08:32 PM brelic franchise defensemen are worth more than forward prospects

08:32 PM Vincent05 tell danny and briere we r rebuilding then they will waive, lol

08:32 PM DaGreatGazoo Danny ain't moving his kids 3500 miles

08:32 PM brelic read, schenn, jvr, whoever

08:32 PM canoli i'd move JVR before Schenn

08:32 PM brelic i would deal anyone on this team except Giroux for a franchise defenseman

08:32 PM PhilsFanDrew I wouldn't move JVR but i would consider moving Schenn for a solid D man

08:32 PM fishbulb Kimmo gets the C?

08:32 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

08:31 PM canoli I don't wanna start dealign our young guys either - Read, Harry, etc - none of them

08:31 PM DaGreatGazoo Who gets the C?

08:31 PM Irishjim daany boy won't waive his NTC

08:31 PM brelic lol can, pretty much

08:31 PM brelic i would trade carle and briere for doughty in a second

08:31 PM canoli sure they will. for Giroux.

08:31 PM phlfly we are not going to win a cup, but lose Shenn or JVR is not way to do a business

08:31 PM PhilsFanDrew unless they go on a really bad slide why move for one now

08:30 PM fishbulb I never feel like deadline deals work out well... team gets gouged and player doesn't have enough time to adapt.

08:30 PM brelic maybe the kings want to move DOughty

08:30 PM brelic FB, well, the only way i make a move is if I can get a stud franchise type guy

08:30 PM LeafSuck16 LeafSuck16 has entered the room

08:30 PM PhilsFanDrew why fish?

08:30 PM canoli screw that - overpaying now. We'll have to tough it out till the TD that's all

08:30 PM Vincent05 every1 has to drew. alot of teams need d now

08:30 PM phlfly So my opinion just keep as is , wait until free agency

08:30 PM fishbulb NO rush... but don't want to wait 'till Trade deadline

08:30 PM PhilsFanDrew me neither brelic

08:30 PM brelic our defensive game looks good

08:30 PM idahophilly Ok but can we plug the hole?

08:29 PM DaGreatGazoo Captaincy?

08:29 PM brelic i just don't see the rush

08:29 PM PhilsFanDrew we'd have to overpay big time to acquire a D-man right now

08:29 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has entered the room

08:29 PM phlfly you can't replace Pronger or Chara

08:29 PM idahophilly facinating situation....

08:29 PM brelic bourdon is getting about 16-17 minutes per game

08:29 PM Irishjim heres always iljia and here come the f-bombs

08:29 PM PhilsFanDrew if we do go get a d-man wait until the deadline if possible

08:29 PM fishbulb But they're only get around 10 mins per game... too much pressure on the top 4. I want Gleason or someone steady by Feb.

08:29 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has left the room

08:28 PM PhilsFanDrew i agree brelic

08:28 PM brelic they're playing low 20s\

08:28 PM brelic they're not playing crazy minutes

08:28 PM jackhole jackhole has entered the room

08:28 PM brelic i think Gus will get the nod over Marshall

08:28 PM brelic the bottom 2 are young and green, but eager and physical

08:28 PM fishbulb how long can kimmo/mezy/carle/coburn play these kind of minutes?

08:28 PM brelic well, our top 4 guys are solid

08:28 PM phlfly who can they get, nobody available, only players like Kaberale

08:28 PM canoli kimmo, coby, mez - they can't do 25 mins. all year and be fresh for the POs

08:28 PM fishbulb But how long can they keep it up brel

08:28 PM brelic not a knock on pronger, just that somehow, this team right now looks better defensively than it did earlier in the year

08:28 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

08:27 PM brelic seriously, we look better defensively now without pronger than we did with him in

08:27 PM canoli guess we better go shopping - expect some movement

08:27 PM Irishjim TSN said his contract is for 5 more years

08:27 PM brelic i really don't think there's any rush

08:27 PM fishbulb he got examined every fall and failed the medical

08:27 PM canoli oh right - duh. never mind

08:27 PM hf101 Morganti says the Flyers know they have to get someone

08:27 PM Irishjim he just can't announce he's retired and wait out the term of the contract

08:26 PM fishbulb Rathje was on LTIR

08:26 PM idahophilly and it ain't a few years. It's 5-6 years.

08:26 PM canoli see that's what i thought -you can't Rathje him and get cap relief

08:26 PM Irishjim LTIR is are only relief.

08:26 PM hf101 absolutely

08:26 PM DaGreatGazoo Over 35. Cap hit.

08:26 PM fishbulb It has to do with his "over age 35" contract. They cannot be voided with retirement.

08:26 PM canoli at his age

08:26 PM canoli he'd kinda be crazy to lace em up again after "severe concussion"

08:26 PM idahophilly take

08:26 PM roo28 roo28 has left the room

08:25 PM hf101 4.921,429 till 2017

08:25 PM fishbulb No phlfly... if he retires HE DOES count against cap

08:25 PM idahophilly Who would tale him?

08:25 PM DaGreatGazoo I think he may be done. He's 37. If he's that bad-long how Crosby is struggling. He's 12 hrs younger

08:25 PM canoli ah. okay...well then that's *some* bit of good news

08:25 PM brelic apparently boston is doing the same with savard

08:25 PM fishbulb if he's LTIR for the next 4 years, he collects his cash, but it's not against the cap

08:25 PM phlfly no if he retire then no hitting the cap

08:25 PM bildo bildo has entered the room

08:25 PM brelic LTIR is the only way out

08:25 PM brelic canoli, nope

08:25 PM fishbulb Nope

08:25 PM Samifan UGH!

08:25 PM canoli but his cap hit still applies, even if he is Rathjed?

08:25 PM fishbulb steady

08:25 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has left the room

08:24 PM Samifan steady or does it go down slighly each year?

08:24 PM DaGreatGazoo HF- u watching comcast?

08:24 PM fishbulb We don't want him to retire phlfly! We're stuck with his cap hit if he does

08:24 PM phlfly I don't think he will be sitting at home and collect pay check

08:24 PM brelic sami, $4.9

08:24 PM fishbulb Bob Mackenzie feeling that Pronger will be Rathje'd for the next few years

08:24 PM phlfly I think he will retired soon enough, he is honest guy

08:24 PM Samifan anyone know what Prongs cap is for the next 5 years?

08:24 PM hf101 later rod

08:24 PM flyerrod flyerrod has left the room

08:23 PM canoli sure seems that way

08:23 PM idahophilly idahophilly has entered the room

08:23 PM phlfly it's bad news , but he was not play so well since beginning of season

08:23 PM hf101 yeah, ......so this could definitely be the end of Pronger's career

08:23 PM canoli all we can do now is pray for a buyout clause I guess

08:23 PM flyerrod later guys...duty calls....

08:23 PM canoli that's right - and he's still experiencing symptoms I think - Primeau that is

08:22 PM Irishjim hey fly. good news were winning, bad news pronger done for the year

08:22 PM Samifan hey gang. Looks like Pronger will now be known as Rathje 2.0

08:22 PM hf101 Primeau is the last Flyer to be diagnosed with "severe post concussion syndrome"

08:22 PM phlfly so Pronger is out for rest of the season

08:22 PM DaGreatGazoo Hey fly

08:22 PM canoli hey youze guys - out for the season and the POs eh? ...5 more years of his cap hit... wow, prob couldn't work out worse for us

08:22 PM DaGreatGazoo Hey fly

08:22 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has entered the room

08:21 PM brelic hey phlfly

08:21 PM phlfly hey people

08:21 PM phlfly phlfly has entered the room

08:20 PM PhilsFanDrew frankly if he finishes out this season the way he is playing and does the same for 2 more years he pretty much earned the money regardless of the 5 years

08:20 PM brelic he has 14 in 29 so far this year, on pace for 40 points

08:20 PM DaGreatGazoo Watching NHL network. I just wanna puke.

08:20 PM brelic Talbot had 21 points in 82 games last year

08:20 PM fishbulb fishbulb has entered the room

08:20 PM fishbulb fishbulb has left the room

08:20 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has left the room

08:19 PM hf101 and also over 35 contracts

08:19 PM Irishjim new CBA needs to address contract length and how long guaranteed

08:19 PM canoli canoli has entered the room

08:18 PM brelic there ya go

08:18 PM brelic i thought 5.. lemme check

08:18 PM Vincent05 5 years

08:18 PM PhilsFanDrew he's young though

08:18 PM brelic correction, i don't like guaranteed contracts

08:18 PM Irishjim he got 4 correct. looks better everyday

08:18 PM hf101 we knew he was not the fourth line center

08:18 PM brelic i don't like long contracts at all

08:18 PM brelic still think that

08:18 PM brelic i never thought overpaid... i thought maybe too many years

08:18 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has left the room

08:17 PM Vincent05 I think he is underpaid now, lol

08:17 PM DaGreatGazoo Talbot is amazing.

08:17 PM hf101 overpaid??? really?

08:17 PM Irishjim talbot is worth every dime

08:17 PM brelic wow, great kill

08:17 PM PhilsFanDrew i thought they overpaid for talbot but he is certainly earning his money

08:17 PM Vincent05 5 on 4 now

08:17 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has entered the room

08:16 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

08:16 PM Vincent05 talbot has been awesome this year

08:16 PM Irishjim look at bob slashing the dude in front of him

08:15 PM Digityman if bobo makes it through this...

08:15 PM DaGreatGazoo What horseshit

08:15 PM Irishjim good we stilkl have ours

08:15 PM Vincent05 montreal did jim

08:15 PM PhilsFanDrew cant wait to hear the interchange on 24/7 for this

08:15 PM Irishjim did we call a timeout

08:15 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

08:14 PM hf101 no penalty on that

08:14 PM Irishjim are we gonna be down 2 for 45 minutes

08:14 PM hf101 bob tackled......geez

08:14 PM brelic ouch

08:14 PM flyerrod life is like a box of chocolates.....

08:14 PM Vincent05 dam another pen

08:14 PM Vanflyer Vanflyer has left the room

08:14 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has left the room

08:13 PM DaGreatGazoo Switching my name to Forrest gump

08:13 PM flyerrod no worries dgg

08:13 PM brelic that was a bad call

08:13 PM hf101 lucky break for the flyers

08:13 PM Irishjim stay out of the tidybowl dummy

08:13 PM DaGreatGazoo Sorry fly.

08:13 PM flyerrod lol..you have developed a serious stutter dgg

08:13 PM Digityman haha

08:13 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has left the room

08:12 PM DaGreatGazoo Agree. Thinking deadline deal

08:12 PM DaGreatGazoo Agree. Thinking deadline deal

08:12 PM DaGreatGazoo Agree. Thinking deadline deal

08:12 PM brelic no goal!

08:12 PM flyerrod we heard you the first 3 times dgg

08:12 PM Digityman van I'm looking at how to rebroadcast for you

08:12 PM brelic teams would want an established roster player

08:12 PM Vincent05 no1 will trade u that and if they do they will want alot, I rather do for the sure thing

08:12 PM brelic schenn has little value right now

08:12 PM DaGreatGazoo Schenn culd be gone now. If he stays healthy.

08:12 PM Vanflyer be back later. Going to look for a feed that works. Tried 5 so far.

08:11 PM DaGreatGazoo Schenn culd be gone now. If he stays healthy.

08:11 PM DaGreatGazoo Schenn culd be gone now. If he stays healthy. H

08:11 PM flyerrod 4.37 mil and signeg long term

08:11 PM Vincent05 2 man down, dammit

08:11 PM Vanflyer I love Trots as a coach. Shoe string budget every year, but always competitive.

08:11 PM Irishjim WTF here come the OLE OLE's

08:11 PM Vanflyer Their GM is very smart. He is building back out (Rinne, Weber, Suter). They also just got a investor (limited partnership) that has deep pockets and they think he will be willing to infuse more capital.

08:11 PM brelic it would cost us though

08:11 PM JackStraw JackStraw has left the room

08:10 PM PhilsFanDrew whats Jack Johnson's cap hit?

08:10 PM brelic gotta be a team looking for immediate help and willing to part with prospects

08:10 PM brelic i would rather make a bold trade for a less established defenseman, but one that is a projected #1/2

08:10 PM DaGreatGazoo Carle's money demands from Flyers just went way up.

08:10 PM Digityman we might have seen the last game pronger plays

08:10 PM Flyerguy pronger is the new Rathje

08:09 PM Irishjim 1/5 of your cap on 2 d men

08:09 PM Vanflyer both of those guys are going to get 7.5 ish.

08:09 PM brelic van, i thought so too

08:09 PM hf101 hf101 has entered the room

08:09 PM Vanflyer Brelic- I am wrong. I could have sworn he signed!!

08:09 PM brelic and we can't afford that...

08:08 PM flyerrod Pronger is 4.9 mil

08:08 PM PhilsFanDrew PhilsFanDrew has entered the room

08:08 PM brelic yup

08:08 PM FlyersFan4Life sutter will want $7.5 at least

08:08 PM JackStraw JackStraw has entered the room

08:08 PM Irishjim ouch

08:08 PM Vincent05 suter making 3.5 mil and we can fit him in, weber 7.5 mil too much

08:08 PM brelic weber's current salary is $7.5M

08:08 PM Flyerguy score??

08:08 PM Irishjim at what 4.5+

08:08 PM brelic capgeek doesn't show weber's extension

08:08 PM hf101 hf101 has left the room

08:07 PM Vanflyer Weber is under contract.

08:07 PM Vanflyer Suter is going to be signed by Preds. They both have said repeatedly that they love each other.

08:07 PM Vincent05 weber rfa

08:07 PM flyerrod and looking for a contract...per his uncle the other night

08:07 PM Irishjim so is webar isn't he

08:07 PM brelic yeah, but didn't he say he wanted to stay in NSH?

08:07 PM Flyerguy Flyerguy has entered the room

08:07 PM Vincent05 suter is a FA after this year

08:07 PM brelic FB, yeah we're stuck with him no matter what

08:07 PM Vanflyer FB- only if we Rathje him, otherwise we are stuck.

08:07 PM jammer2 jammer2 has left the room

08:06 PM brelic a lot

08:06 PM brelic do you know what the cost for a guy like Suter would be?

08:06 PM Irishjim grump ecklund was throwing that out but thats ecklund

08:06 PM fishbulb Not sure we 'can' long term replace him... aren't we stuck with his contract no matter what?? Unless we 'rathje' him and don't let him retire :-)

08:06 PM Vincent05 simmonds with that great opportunity, should've buried it

08:05 PM Phillygrump I heard rumors about Philly talking to Nashville possibly about a D man. Do you think they knew about Pronger and were talking to solidify a long term replacement for him?

08:05 PM Vincent05 l8r jam

08:05 PM Digityman later

08:05 PM Digityman was wondering if he released the info because he needed to for the LTIR

08:05 PM brelic later jammer

08:05 PM jammer2 be back later guys

08:05 PM FlyersFan4Life here's what will happen. pronger will come back for game 7 stanley cup finals score the game winner vs hawks, flyers win the cup

08:05 PM brelic it's like he doesn't 'get' the message

08:05 PM brelic and Voracek on the 1st

08:05 PM jammer2 not sure digs...but if he is not on LTIR....it is imminent

08:04 PM brelic JVR on the 2nd PP unit

08:04 PM Digityman couldn't believe it was 48

08:04 PM flyerrod I still think you want to make a move before you look desperate

08:04 PM Digityman I rewinded it to check that Vince

08:04 PM Vincent05 nope, body

08:04 PM fishbulb did he use his stick?

08:04 PM Phillygrump Phillygrump has entered the room

08:04 PM Vincent05 wow briere hit someone

08:04 PM Digityman hmm

08:03 PM fishbulb Gleason is 8A with only a -1 on Carolina

08:03 PM hf101 I beleive digity that Pronger was on the LTIR for his knee

08:03 PM brelic but they could also let Carle walk if they pick up a stud D-man

08:03 PM Vanflyer My opinion is we just stay status quo as long as we don't sink the kids (Bourdon, Gus and Walker). It will serve us in the longer run (ie next year).

08:03 PM flyerrod If his injury is this serious, he can be rathje'd

08:03 PM brelic DGG, possibly trade to a team needing to reach the cap floor

08:03 PM touche22 touche22 has left the room

08:02 PM DaGreatGazoo Pronger's deal just became brutal. How do we get stud and manage cap for next yr. CBA may change but can't count on that now. Damn.

08:02 PM Vanflyer I will start a poll later that ask the question: prior to prongers injury how many thought we had good shot at SCF and post pronger injury.

08:02 PM brelic Allen is making $2.9M and also a UFA

08:02 PM fishbulb He's washed up

08:01 PM fishbulb Mike Commodore

08:01 PM flyerrod Mike Commodore?

08:01 PM fishbulb He probably will be Digi if a deal is available

08:01 PM Vanflyer Anyone that wants Gil has to be crazy.

08:01 PM flyerrod who was the big dude with Hartnell hair who used to play for Car?

08:01 PM brelic FB, yes

08:01 PM fishbulb 2.75 you said Brel?... is he a UFA?

08:01 PM Vincent05 y not go for suter? lol

08:01 PM Digityman Jammer- is pronger LTIR right now?

08:01 PM brelic not sure what it would cost

08:01 PM brelic yeah, gleason would be a good pickup

08:01 PM fishbulb I want Gleason from Caro... seems like a nice mix of grit and leadership

08:01 PM touche22 touche22 has entered the room

08:00 PM FlyersFan4Life knee hit on talbot

08:00 PM FlyersFan4Life somone kill kerble

08:00 PM Vincent05 pass

08:00 PM Irishjim yeah buddy

08:00 PM fishbulb Not I... that guy is a statue.

08:00 PM brelic screw gill

08:00 PM hf101 *Gill

08:00 PM hf101 and who wants us to trade for Gil?????

08:00 PM Vincent05 there's ur tastykake jim

07:59 PM brelic from Voracek again

07:59 PM fishbulb woohoo

07:59 PM DaGreatGazoo But they are 1 injury away on D from being really screwed now.

07:59 PM Vanflyer FB- yours did not work- but I will work on it later. Thanks both. I may compile a list and some ratings (ie intrusive vs. less intrusive on the adware / functionality).

07:59 PM fishbulb fishbulb has entered the room

07:59 PM brelic awesome signing!

07:59 PM Irishjim sweey

07:59 PM brelic Talbot!!

07:59 PM Vincent05 Talbot

07:59 PM brelic lol van!

07:59 PM flyerrod but you also want to look at making a move while you don't look desperate

07:59 PM fishbulb fishbulb has left the room

07:58 PM jammer2 other GM's might speculate that Prongs is out for longer than announced...but he just confirmed it and put himself over a barrel...wtf

07:58 PM Vanflyer Brelic- I think yours is going to work but I have Maria Carey singing a christmas song for like two minutes.

07:58 PM brelic but the flyers are also first in the conference, so there's no immediate pressure to make a move

07:58 PM brelic yes it is jammer

07:57 PM jammer2 Here is my question...if Pronger is out for *that* long, why did Homer put himself in a position of weakness and announce it when it did not have to released...that's just stupid

07:57 PM brelic wow, what a play by voracek

07:57 PM DaGreatGazoo IMO-long term.

07:57 PM DaGreatGazoo Sorry guys. iPhone. Hang with me.

07:57 PM brelic so the question is do we go for a stopgap measure, or do we go for a stud, future or present top pairing guy?

07:57 PM JackStraw JackStraw has left the room

07:56 PM Vincent05 Therien will shut Jagr down, do we want that?

07:55 PM brelic DGG, no worries

07:55 PM Digityman Digityman has entered the room

07:55 PM FlyersFan4Life wonder if chris therin can get back into playing shape lol

07:55 PM DaGreatGazoo Sorry B. Thot u meant Pronger on over 35

07:55 PM Vanflyer Thanks Brelic- going to try that next. I think I may not be able to get it because its on NHL Network (though I can not come up with a logical reason why).

07:55 PM DaGreatGazoo Sorry N.

07:55 PM DaGreatGazoo Oory B

07:54 PM DaGreatGazoo This team is cursed. I swear. Who'd we piss off?

07:54 PM brelic just to update the conversation we were having earlier

07:54 PM brelic and Shelley is not on a 35+ contract

07:54 PM brelic Gleason makes $2.75M

07:54 PM Vanflyer Thanks FB. I am trying now.

07:54 PM brelic http://www.stream2watch.me

07:53 PM Vincent05 maybe there was some truth that Homer talk to nashville

07:53 PM FlyersFan4Life guess now we wait for news on grioux

07:53 PM fishbulb http://robplay.tv/

07:53 PM fishbulb You can try this site VAN

07:53 PM DaGreatGazoo Yes it is!!

07:53 PM jammer2 I've been a proponent of being patient...but that is out the window...we need a vet for the playoffs to replace Prongs

07:52 PM Vanflyer Anyone have a feed other than FirstRow?

07:52 PM Vincent05 worst news we can get jammer

07:52 PM JackStraw JackStraw has entered the room

07:52 PM brelic Jammer, I know!

07:52 PM brelic DGG, that's a LONG time to have him on LTIR

07:52 PM jammer2 Unreal news about Pronger....WTF!?!?!

07:52 PM brelic HUGE save!!

07:52 PM DaGreatGazoo He's done. He won't be back. Simple as that.

07:52 PM brelic the flyers luck is unreal

07:52 PM Vincent05 great save bob

07:51 PM fishbulb Freakin' Ebola virus!

07:51 PM jammer2 jammer2 has entered the room

07:51 PM hf101 thats what the doctors reccommend......

07:51 PM brelic yup

07:51 PM Mad Dog holy sh!t.. must be really bad.

07:51 PM DaGreatGazoo He was fly

07:51 PM brelic Pronger is shut down for entire season plus playoffs

07:51 PM flyerrod next year or next season?

07:51 PM brelic Holmgren made it offician

07:51 PM Vincent05 update on Pronger*

07:51 PM FlyersFan4Life they recommended pronger not return for the season or playoffs, if anyone just saw that news flash on the screen

07:51 PM DaGreatGazoo Comcast reporting pronged not returning for reg season and playoffs. Per doctor. New news

07:50 PM Vincent05 update on from the game, pronger done til next year

07:50 PM flyerrod I thought he was over 35 when he signed...

07:50 PM roo28 roo28 has entered the room

07:50 PM brelic or is he?

07:50 PM brelic pretty sure he's not on a 35+

07:50 PM brelic rod, but shelley wasn't 35 when his contract came into effect

07:50 PM DaGreatGazoo Agree B.

07:50 PM fishbulb Like Carle knows how to play defense... ;-)

07:50 PM flyerrod waiving shelley will give room cap wise but he is over 35 so he still counts against the roster spot

07:49 PM brelic waiving shelley and walker gets you $2.8M right away for players we don't even use

07:48 PM Mad Dog fish, i think it's not a big issue. there are always ways around that.

07:48 PM brelic MD, yes I think so

07:47 PM flyerrod 4.9 mil per year according to capgeek for pronger

07:47 PM fishbulb Problem is if we bring in some serious $$$, we can't activiate Pronger if he's better.

07:47 PM hf101 I don't think think they will say he is out for the season unless they make a trade and put the team over the cap, so Pronger then needs to be LTIR'd

07:47 PM FlyersFan4Life rather have him out for the yr and take time off to get healthy then lose him and cost the injury his career

07:47 PM DaGreatGazoo Wheres Aziz? How much cap relief if so? Who can we afford?

07:47 PM Mad Dog meaning they can use the money to sign players, correct?

07:47 PM brelic that's one of the few ways out of this anchor of a contract

07:47 PM brelic well, he'll be on ltir

07:47 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

07:46 PM Mad Dog what are the flyers' options cap-wise and such?

07:46 PM flyerrod for the year maybe...not the season

07:46 PM DaGreatGazoo I think so too. Didnt know if official

07:46 PM FlyersFan4Life all reports are saying he prolly is done

07:46 PM Mad Dog no word yet, Gazoo.

07:46 PM FlyersFan4Life he is done for the yr

07:46 PM flyerrod oh there must be a game on...

07:45 PM brelic DGG, not official yet

07:45 PM fishbulb FF4L... 10 yrs ago? TONS... now?... probably rarely

07:45 PM DaGreatGazoo Sorry guys. Working all day. Is pronger really out all yr? Or just rumor?

07:45 PM fishbulb meh... weak call

07:45 PM FlyersFan4Life i wonder how many player play with a consussion and dont say a word

07:45 PM flyerrod yeah...now I am 44 and crippled...

07:45 PM brelic i think crosby seems more cautious than most, but you always think you can bounce back

07:45 PM brelic but remember being 24 years old and feeling invincible?

07:44 PM brelic oh, absolutely

07:44 PM Mad Dog yeah, but you know....... family and the quality of life are more importasnt than all that combined.

07:44 PM flyerrod reebok is shitting the bed right now thinking about their loss

07:43 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

07:43 PM brelic he is worth tens of millions of dollars to the league, to his team, to his sponsors, etc

07:43 PM Vincent05 they were trying so hard not to bring up "that word"

07:43 PM brelic MD, yeah, and his point about Crosby probably not receiving impartial advice was interesting

07:43 PM flyerrod that is what you call a PR guru....he can spin anything....

07:43 PM roo28 roo28 has left the room

07:42 PM brelic

07:42 PM brelic how a 'virus' becomes knee surgery, then a season ending concussion for pronger

07:42 PM Vincent05

07:42 PM brelic lol, no, i was being facetious

07:42 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has entered the room

07:42 PM Mad Dog and i see Berger's point. when you get hit on teh head so much, you have to at least give it *some* consideration.

07:42 PM Vincent05 don't u mean Pronger?

07:41 PM brelic Vince, Giroux

07:41 PM Irishjim drinking game every time the crowd sings OLE OLE, take a shot

07:41 PM brelic dude was suggesting Crosby should think about retiring... quality of life and all that

07:41 PM brelic did anyone read the Howard Berger article I posted in the Pens section on Crosby?

07:41 PM Vincent05 g?

07:41 PM brelic i expect them to announce they're shutting down G for the season tomorrow

07:40 PM flyerrod his brain is small enough that it doesn't come anywhere near his skull....

07:40 PM FlyersFan4Life wonder when more updated new on grioux will be released

07:40 PM brelic kinda odd

07:40 PM brelic bob getting the start

07:40 PM Irishjim domi was to dumb to realize if he had a concussion

07:40 PM Mad Dog lol rod

07:40 PM hf101 lol

07:40 PM Samifan Samifan has left the room

07:39 PM flyerrod some guys do have thicker skulls than others.....look at Domi....

07:39 PM fishbulb More diagnosis, Less hiding by the players, faster game

07:39 PM brelic it used to be hush hush, now it's front and center

07:39 PM fishbulb Probably a mix of everything Brel

07:39 PM brelic and they're also really panicky about them

07:39 PM brelic are there really more? or are they just better at diagnosing them?

07:39 PM MrX MrX has left the room

07:39 PM hf101 *lindros

07:38 PM Mad Dog yeah, i guess.

07:38 PM hf101 lindrow says there are many more concussions in the league now than in his playing days

07:38 PM brelic the NHL All-Concussion team would be the best team in the league, hands down

07:38 PM hf101 team was in montreal, giroux stayed home

07:38 PM fishbulb MD... it did not go well according to TSN

07:38 PM brelic i am seriously amazed at all the concussions

07:38 PM flyerrod thank you captain obvious.....

07:38 PM Irishjim don't understand why "firstrow" doesn't work down under. its out of Sweden

07:38 PM fishbulb This is not crosby-gate... I doubt we'll get daily updates

07:38 PM Mad Dog and pronger was supposed to visit a neurologist. i wonder how it went.

07:38 PM hf101 not today

07:38 PM fishbulb Yes... he's got a concussion ;-p

07:37 PM brelic MD, nope, which is also not good

07:37 PM Mad Dog anybody heard any news on giroux by any chance?

07:37 PM brelic bah, it was eklund

07:37 PM fishbulb For sure Brel... might as well strike while they're weak

07:37 PM flyerrod whatever became of the speculation on Grossman

07:37 PM brelic GLeason and Allen

07:37 PM Samifan Samifan has entered the room

07:37 PM Digityman Digityman has left the room

07:36 PM brelic lol, TSN guys basically advising Homer to poach the defensemen from the Canes

07:36 PM Mad Dog Mad Dog has entered the room

07:36 PM flyerrod I can't beleive that work actually let me in on the chat room

07:35 PM Vanflyer I have one other site I will try. (I e-mailed FirstRow the other day- told them my precise location and gave them screen shots of all the redirect shite).

07:35 PM fishbulb well... it's a direct link?

07:35 PM brelic FB, firstrowsports doesn't work there

07:34 PM fishbulb Try that link VAN

07:34 PM fishbulb http://www.firstrows...hia-flyers.html

07:34 PM roo28 roo28 has entered the room

07:34 PM brelic maybe this one too http://www.vipbox.tv...ice-hockey.html

07:34 PM fishbulb Yes Van... don't DL any of those "files"

07:34 PM brelic try lshunter.tv

07:34 PM brelic van, don't install anything

07:34 PM flyerrod conflicting reports from Panotch and severalli

07:34 PM FlyersFan4Life FlyersFan4Life has entered the room

07:34 PM fishbulb *is

07:34 PM DaGreatGazoo DaGreatGazoo has left the room

07:34 PM roo28 roo28 has left the room

07:33 PM fishbulb Well... reported on TSN which are incredibly reliable.

07:33 PM Vanflyer does anyone know what Ilivid is? Adthe is telling me I need it to watch. Just wondering if it is Malware.

07:33 PM flyerrod has that been confirmed fish?

07:33 PM brelic yup... captaincy is cursed

07:33 PM fishbulb Can't believe Prongs is out possibly for the year... guess we're starting to look for a rental.

07:32 PM fishbulb fishbulb has entered the room

07:31 PM brelic van, wow, that sucks

07:31 PM flyerrod wow...i already feel the love...

07:31 PM brelic idiots

07:31 PM brelic i can't believe CBC ever let the HNIC theme song go to TSN

07:31 PM Irishjim Irishjim has entered the room

07:31 PM Vanflyer @brelic- it did, but has since been hijacked by some sports books. I can get into the main menu page, see the games listed then click the link and it then post a phony First Row link to click to see the game. When you click- redirects to several sports book sites.

07:31 PM Stuff Stuff has left the room

07:30 PM flyerrod flyerrod has entered the room

07:30 PM hf101 yes, he arrived.....oh joy

07:30 PM roo28 roo28 has entered the room

07:30 PM Digityman Digityman has entered the room

07:30 PM brelic van, does firstrowsports.tv not work where you are?

07:29 PM DaGreatGazoo ditto here..gotta move to Ipod

07:29 PM hf101 thats a bummer van

07:29 PM Vincent05 be right back, going to laptop

07:29 PM Vanflyer ******* ADTHE is ad central.

07:29 PM brelic brelic has entered the room

07:29 PM DaGreatGazoo just logged in and saw chat history..was that the real kuato? Cool, if so..glad he showed up. Don't always agree with him, but nothing wrong with th at

07:29 PM killjoysfly killjoysfly has left the room

07:28 PM hf101 hello dgg

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