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Fantacy GM/Owner/Bettman/Fehr/Player & Commentator Quotes.

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I shouted this in the shoutbox but thought this would make a good topic to rip on our favorite hockey personalties in regards to the CBA/Lockout. It's open season so have at it. Maybe some folks will give us a few chuckles as we watch the boobalism that's on full display. Owners, GMs, Commentatators, Players and Bettman are all fair game here. So post the quotes you want or don't want to hear and don't forget Pierre, The Doc and Cherry!

Fake Snider Quote "Well Tim P, what I'm saying here is why are we paying THEM to play for us? They should be paying us for the privalege to even be in our arenas. This whole thing about HRR is really the players trying to screw the fans. I'll tell you this Tim, can you imagine how low ticket prices would be if the players were paying us to play in our league? It's the fans that are getting hurt by the players greed here!"

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