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NHL Lockout Clock

Guest Poulin20

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This is kind of like the US Debt Clock except that it is updated daily rather than in real time. (and it is about a form of enterainment rather than something as serious as the US debt)


Anyway I thought you guys would find it intersting....

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Wow that is pretty interesting. Puts this whole thing in perspective, no? I think this season is toast and am very concerned for the future of the NHL.

No matter how many articles I read, I still hold the owners 99.999% responsible.

Glad you liked it...

I agree with you that they seem to be willing to let this whole season go by the wayside. I am not that hopeful for a season and will be pleasanly surprised if we have one.

As far as blame goes it is absolutely the Owners and Buttman's fault. There are too many teams in places where hockey doesn't work. This was all forced in by Buttman and the greedy owners who want all this monet from explansion fees.

If they would just adhere to free market principles in this league the teams that should be there will stay and the teams that shouldnt be there will go under. If we would just allow this to happen instead of making all the teams that are supported by their fans prop up these teams that get no support we wouldnt have these problems with teams not being able to afford what the market is dictating to the players and salary caps etc and then eventual requests for givebacks from the owners who gave out these contracts to begin with. I do not blame the players at all, they are literally risking thier lives for our entertainment and entering into legaly binding contracts offered by the owners to do so. Now the owners do no want to honor the contracts that they gave out becuse some teams cant afford it.

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