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Devils sign Zajac to 8 year Deal


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So this is the first long term deal of the new CBA. Zajac is 27, he will be 35 when the deal ends. The cap hit is 5.75M which is reasonable for a first line center, but I expect Henrique to center Kovalchuck in a year or two.

I get that the new ownership wanted to keep Zajac, but this contract seems too long imo.

So what has changed?


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@hf101 It's to long and for to much....Spitfire biased aside, Henrique will be the top dog at center before the year is out, if not, next year for sure. So, in my opinion, they just paid 5.7 mill for a second line center. The deal will become more reasonable after some time passes, but I didn't see Zajac scoring 2 game seven OT winners in his first playoff.

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