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Canada vs Denmark Game #3

Guest jammer2

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Well, we all know this will not be close, but a few interesting side bars going on. First off, Visitin *must* be sound positionally and throw up a shut out if he has any hopes of holding on to the #1 tending job going into the medal rounds. A lackluster game means we do not see him again (crossing fingers....lol).

Still waiting to see Schwartz light it up, expect more from him, being a vet and returning forward (even though he had the ankle injury last tourny).

Denmark has one NHL drafted player, a forward Nicklas Jensen, a Vancouver pick.

I'm going to say this one goes into double digits, 12-1 Canada sounds about right.

Even though Denmark does not pose much of a threat, will be interesting to see the defensive pairings and how cohesive they are. I have not concentrated much on those, so a good night to catch up on the defense side of the ledger.

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Well Visitin didn't do anything stupid, but he let 2 in against a pretty bad team. We're not paying him $10 million so there shouldn't be any reason other than who's the best goalie. I think the vote would be almost unanimous across Canada.

They'd better tone down the penalties, that was way too many.

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