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Helm suffers a setback

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Derick Helm can pretty much be written off as a future option for the Wings during the playoffs. He suffered another setback while skating lightly during the Anaheim series and has been told to stay off the ice indefinitely.

"Something happened (skating during the Anaheim series) and it hurt a lot and I was limping around for a couple of days," Helm said. "We decided to take a step back and we needed a different approach — staying off the ice a lot longer.

Helm said "absolutely" it was a setback in his recovery. "It wasn't a step forward, that's for sure."

From The Detroit News:

The article goes on to say that that surgery isn't an option as the source of the injury hasn't been pinpointed yet?

It is hard to say how much the team misses Helm's defensive play, or how much better they would be right now with him since they are collectively shutting down the Blackhawks.

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As a Wings fan, it hurts to say it but we have to forget all about Helm, just write him off completely. He played one game, I believe seven or eight minutes all season, and losing him hurt a lot more back in January than it does now.

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I am TRYING very hard to get the attention of Red Wings front office people to send Helm down to Atlanta to see my chiropractor. I know they have chiros to see, but I can almost guarantee that there is no chiro in Detroit like this one. My dad lives up there and has tried most of those who SAY they are like him, but my dad still travels down to see him instead of seeing someone up there, because the results are much better. The guy won 2012 Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor of the Year, which is a worldwide award. He really is the very best. I hope that I can get someone's attention, because I'd really like Helmer to get back on his skates, but I have no inside contacts within the organization, although Brian Rafalski did go to my high school before leaving for juniors.

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