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Should Flyers claim Ballard off waivers?

Guest AMMOnation

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4.2 million dollar cap hit. And where does he fit on the team? You have 6 defensemen making 3.5 million or more. Adding a 7th makes no sense.

It does if you are trading Mez or Coburn..other than that, agree..no sense.

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Yeah, if the flyers had traded coburn yesterday, say for the package that Buffalo got for Sekera, then maybe. But not with the way the team stands now.

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<br />Someone remind me of the waiver pickup rules under today's CBA...I don't remember...50-50 split? Whole salary? Whole cap hit?<br />

whole salary, whole cap hit. re-entry waivers were where there was a split, and I believe re-entry waivers are a thing of the past.

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