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More Rookies Sent Down After Last Pre-season Game

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Surprisingly, & despite a strong finish in tonite's last pre-season game vs the Rangers, with 1 goal & 1 assist & a '+ 2' rating, rookie d-man Frankie Corrado has been sent down to the 'Nucks farm team in Utica, NY by Torts, along with centre man Zach Hamill.  Torts will have another look at Corrado come Nov/Dec.   Forward Brendan Gaunce has also been sent back to his OHL team in Belleville, ON.  I was hoping Gaunce would stay on the roster, but he needs more time to develop per Torts.  





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No surprise really.  Torts really isn't a coach that really plays a lot of rookies.  Corrado probably has earned himself one of the first to be called up for injuries though.  The Canucks looked to be getting the new system employed, unless it was jetlag and a lack of a first line for the Rangers the Canucks dominated that game.


btw, I like the new avatar  ;)

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@hf101  I was listening to a bit of sports radio & also the sportscasters last nite, it seems Vancity is a bit surprised by the Corrado send down. Possibly even angered some fans. But the above article states some good reasons why Torts made the decision, so I do understand. He doesn't require waivers so it's much easier to ship him than Yannick Weber or Andrew Alberts (although, good lord, I'm starting to regret the re-signing of Alberts, just horrid! Wish we could keep Frankie & send Alberts down! lol). 


But yes, you're right, I think Frankie will be considered top choice for any injuries, he's earned his place as 1 of the top 8 d-men. Good for him.


Haha, 5-0 vs Rangers is probably more a testament to Luongo's perfect play last nite (46 saves I think) than to our guys, although, yes, they certainly looked a lot better than the disastrous SJ game. The Rangers just did not show up, no legs at all, looked exhausted, jetlagged & by then possibly didn't really care as it was an x-game. I heard they looked the same in their previous game. Not a good sign for them, as they will have to be flying a lot this season, feel kinda bad for them. They face the Kings tonite on top of it all, in Vegas, of all places!  


I will certainly be happy if the Nucks can keep this up though (& Booth & Kes can stay injury-free!), esp when Lu usually has a dreadfully slow Oct.


Tonite, I get to watch my 1st Flyers' game, believe it or not! We are getting free Center Ice previews here, but I'll be signing up once it ends later in Oct. 


(Haha...thanks...yah I was trying to put the Green Men doing their handstands by the penalty box for my avatar, but it just doesn't show up very well...I DO like the toque though! lol..... :P )

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