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Our boy Z

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Any chance he will make the cut tomorrow?  


He's just nineteen so I think he'd be better off back in the AHL for awhile.   I'm not supported in that view by family members. 


Anyhow it flips, we're very proud of him.  He'll eventually become a quality NHLer.

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I believe he will be in and out of the lineup this year getting his feet wet at the NHL level on a fairly consistent basis. The Sabres overall lack of talent at forward and his complete yet raw skill set makes for a bright future.

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Who are you talking about?

Zemgus Girgensons. A top prospect, one of two first rounders from last year along with Grigorenko.

I have never watched him play but have read up on him, Latvian, big and responsible in his all areas he plays a two hundred foot game. as an 18 year old he didn't embarrass himself at Rochester last season. Less NHL ready now offensively than defensively but the expectation is his offensive skill set will develop. two different websites project him as a future third line center with potential for upside.

I think he will make his NHL debut this season and as the forward with options will be up and down running the Rochester shuttle. Probably a couple of seasons away from being a full time NHLer but he looks like he is for real.

Blocker, obviously you know a whale more than I do, and could throw in a lot more than I could but hey I am a Wings fan lol.

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